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Rhode Island

Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing

Why Do You Fish?

Thank you to those of you who shared your 2023 ‘Why Do You Fish?’ stories. This year we had an overwhelming response; here are some of our favorites. We hope you will continue to enjoy fishing in RI and making more memories in 2024.

My son Jaylen is 5 years old and loves fishing as much as me. It’s all he talks about, and he would be so excited to see himself in the guidebook.

– Kyle Lyons

I love to fish with my son (Benjamin)… we get to spend time together in the outdoors.

– Colin Remington

I find that fishing, to me, is infinite. I’ve been enamored in the aquatic world ever since I was little, pursuing fishing as an action to admire a world foreign to me, but I find in myself that it is more than the fish that I am after, it is much more to me. I crave the challenge, the artistic mastery of perfection. I yearn for the awe-inspiring destinations, finding my soul drifting back in days of yore. I respect the fish, for it’s more than itself to me, it creates aptitude for life changing experiences.

– Harper Nelson

Hello, my name is Andrew (Scott) Hafner and this picture sums it all up. Nature heals. I hope it finds its way into your publication.