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Rhode Island

Freshwater Fishing

Why Do You Fish?

This year we had an overwhelming response to our annual question, “Why Do you Fish?” Instead of ferreting out the ‘best’ one, we thought we would try to include as many of the responses that we could. Thank you for your participation and we look forward to hearing about ‘Why do YOU fish?’ in 2021. “I fish to get away from the real world. Nothing like being on the water without cellphones or anyone asking you for something. Just peace and quiet and mother nature!” – Steve O. “Because fish live where I cannot and it haunts me in my dreams. When I release one I want to follow it.” – Phil S. “Because it allows me to hang out with this young man and put a smile on his face!” – Colin R. “You get to see more than the water you’re fishing, the wildlife that shows up when you’re fishing unexpectedly.” – Norman B. “Fishing has allowed me to form a bond with my son that would not have otherwise been possible.” – Bill P. “Fishing has been a great way for my son and I to spend time together. We try to get out at least once a week. We have an annual year long tournament with a trophy awarded on Thanksgiving Day each year.” – Ron B. “To pass on a wonderful tradition of growing up fishing with my Dad and spending quality time together in the outdoors, now I get to pay it forward with my son and enjoy fishing together!” – Jeffrey M. “I fish because it was a learning experience to me and still my non-profit, keeping kids fishing, donates fishing gear to local youth and teach them to fish so they can share that same experience.” – John V. G. “I love fishing because it a Great way to spend time with my children and make memories that will last a lifetime.” – Arthur B. “Quality time spent with friends and family both sharing common interests. Individually, it’s more like my church. When I fish solo I can reflect on all that’s good and ask a higher power help when in need. I also love the challenge of figuring out how to catch a new species of fish. That’s why I’m addicted to fishing. My dad is an amputee and this was a picture of a striper I hooked and he landed on Father’s Day. The joy on his face was as good as it gets for me. He doesn’t get out fishing much anymore so giving back to him makes me feel good.” – Kevin L.