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Bag & Possession Limits

Bag and possession limits apply to all waters and across zone boundaries, and apply to all fish and shellfish in an angler’s possession in the field regardless of condition.

Daily Bag Limit

Maximum number of fish or shellfish that may be legally taken and reduced to possession in one day. An angler may take daily limits of several types of fish per day.

Annual Bag Limit

Applies to the following species only:

  • White sturgeon: 2
  • Pacific halibut: 6
  • Salmon and steelhead: 20 — in any combination, when recorded on the Combined Angling Tag. See exception for wild steelhead harvested in the Rogue-South Coast area on Southwest Zone.
  • Hatchery salmon or hatchery steelhead legally recorded on a Hatchery Harvest Tag do not count toward annual salmon and steelhead limit.

Possession Limit

Maximum number or amount of a single type of fish or shellfish that a person may lawfully possess in the field, or in transit to the place of permanent residence. The possession limit is 3 daily bag limits for all species, including jack salmon, except:

  • 1 daily bag limit on the vessel or three daily bag limits on land for Pacific halibut
  • There is no possession limit for adult salmon and steelhead
  • 2 daily bag limits for all marine finfish, shellfish and other marine invertebrates on Marine Zone.
  • Anglers are restricted to 1 daily bag limit and 1 annual bag limit for all fish species from the Columbia River, even if licensed in Oregon and Washington.

Size Limit

It is unlawful to take or have in possession any fish or shellfish that are smaller than the minimum or larger than the maximum size limits.

Steelhead/Trout Length Limits (in Streams)

All Other Zones

NW and SW Zones


longer than 20 inches

longer than 16 inches


shorter than 20 inches

shorter than 16 inches

Salmon Length Limits




15 to 24 inches

longer than 24 inches


15 to 20 inches

longer than 20 inches


All sockeye are considered adults