What’s New for 2019

Hunting Regulations Icon Oregon Hunting

Changes or additions are highlighted in yellow throughout the document

  • Mechanical broadheads allowed for archery hunting
  • Minimum archery draw weight reduced to 40 pounds for all big game
  • Spring bear hunts are now all controlled hunts
  • Revised regulation related to utilizing aircraft for hunting
  • Limitations on controlled hunt party size have been removed
  • Easier to understand proof of sex requirements
  • New regulations related to transporting cervid carcasses into Oregon
  • Hunters who turn in Poachers can now receive preference points as a reward.
  • New Electronic Licensing System and ability to tag your animal with your smartphone. Verify your account at MyODFW.com. See License Requirements.
  • Roadkill Salvage Program begins January 2019. The tagging, possession, and transportation regulations in this synopsis booklet do not apply to deer or elk salvaged pursuant to a Roadkill Salvage Permit. See ODFW.com for more details.