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There are many online resources available for hunters to determine public vs. private land, wildlife management unit and controlled hunt boundaries, travel management areas, ODFW wildlife areas and see satellite images of your hunting areas.

Visit www.dfw.state.or.us/maps for weblinks to:

  • Wildlife Management Unit Boundary Maps
  • Select Controlled Hunt Boundary Maps
  • ODFW Wildlife Area Maps
  • Access and Habitat Hunting Area Maps
  • Travel Management Maps

ODFW produces a statewide wildlife management unit boundary map. This map can be ordered online or is available for sale at ODFW Salem and Region offices. These boundaries can also be viewed at oregonhuntingmap.com

Hunters who successfully draw a controlled hunt for which a map is provided, will be mailed a map prior to the hunt. These hunts are indicated by “[MAP]” in the hunt description; they are also available online.

Access & Habitat and Travel Management Area maps can be downloaded for free as GEOpdf files online. A special App is needed. Avenza is an example of a free App for your smartphone, tablet or computer to follow your location, identify boundaries, and save waypoints while hunting.

Many new technologies, such as onXmaps, are available to hunters via private businesses that produce public land maps and private landowner name/boundary maps for your GPS, smartphone, or computer.

Additional resources for paper maps are available at:

Hunters – Get the Statewide
Wildlife Management Unit Map

A statewide hunting unit map is available from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Cost of the unit map is $5.

This map includes big game unit boundaries and denotes land ownership and landmarks. This map includes a written description of each management unit, along with additional information hunters will find helpful. It is printed in color on high quality, durable paper.

This map can be ordered online at http://www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/hunting/big_game/units/index.asp or visit your local ODFW Office.