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The Wildlife Resources Commission offers a wide range of special licenses and permits to serve the public. For information on the licenses or permits listed below or to obtain an application, visit ncwildlife.org, call 888-248-6834 or write to NCWRC, 1707 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, N.C. 27699-1700. A $2 transaction fee may be added to your order total (NCGS 113-270.1B).

License Type



Bobcat/Otter Tags: Needed to sell or otherwise transfer ownership of bobcat or otter car­casses or pelts. All bobcat and otter car­casses or pelts shall be properly tagged within 30 days following the close of the appli­cable hunting or trapping season. Unused tags can be used in subsequent seasons. $2.20 ea. $2.20 ea.
Controlled Hunting Preserve Hunting License: Needed for those 16 years of age or older, regardless of residency, to hunt foxes, coyotes, and domestically raised chukars, Hungarian partridges, and game birds only within a licensed controlled hunting preserve. This license is not necessary for those who hold a valid state Hunting, Comprehensive Hunting, Sportsman, or Lifetime License that authorizes hunting. Additionally, it is not necessary for those who hold a valid Controlled Hunting Preserve Hunting License to purchase any other hunting license when hunting on a licensed preserve. $22 $22
Disabled Access Permit: Authorizes persons with limited physical mobility to operate vehi­­cles, including ATVs, on any Commission-maintained road open for vehicular travel, those trails posted for vehicular travel and only on open-gated or ungated roads, otherwise closed to vehicular traffic on game lands listed in the Disabled Access Program and to have access to special disabled hunting blinds. It does not authorize operation of vehicles on closed roads on game lands not listed in the Disabled Access Program. One companion may accompany the disabled person, provided that person possesses the “companion card” issued to the disabled hunter. The disabled hunter will also be issued a “vehi­cle access card.” The permit is valid as long as the qualifying disability persists. For more infor­mation, refer to the “Disabled Sportsman” and “Disabled Access Program”. This permit is not a license. It does not authorize hunting, fishing, or trapping activities. FREE FREE
Disabled Sportsman Hunt Certification: This is a medical certification used to establish eligibility for participation in disabled hunt opportunities. This certification is only necessary when the applicant does not possess a lifetime disabled veteran or totally disabled license. This certification is not a license; therefore, a valid hunting license, in addition to the hunt permit, is required when participating in a disabled hunt opportunity. For more information, refer to the “Disabled Sportsman” section. FREE FREE
Falconry License: Needed to hunt by the use of any raptor. A falconry hunting license, state hunting license, comprehensive hunting license, sportsman’s license or any lifetime license that authorizes hunting is needed in addition to the falconry license. License expires June 30 of each year. $11 $11
Fox Tags: Needed to sell or otherwise transfer ownership of a fox carcass or pelt*. All fox carcasses or pelts shall be properly tagged within 30 days following the close of the applicable hunting or trapping season. Unused tags can be used in subsequent seasons. $2.25 ea. $2.25 ea.
Fur Dealer License: Authorizes buying and selling furs anywhere in North Carolina. License expires June 30 each year. $64 $318
Fur Dealer Station License: Authorizes the license-holder and his or her employee(s) to buy or sell furs at an established location in North Carolina and under the supervision of the license-holder. License expires June 30 each year. $128 N/A
Hunting/Inland Fishing Guide License: Needed to guide others for a fee. In cases where persons for hire are being transported by vessel; a vessel-for-hire license may be required by the U.S. Coast Guard. $16 $159
Special Landholder and Guest Fishing License: May be purchased by the landholder of private property bordering inland or joint fishing waters, including Public Mountain Trout Waters. This license shall entitle the landholder, and guests of the landholder, to fish from the shore or any pier or dock originating from the property without any additional inland fishing license. May not be used for commercial purposes. A guest is defined as any individual invited by the landholder to fish from the property at no charge. A charge includes any fee, assessment, dues, rent, or other consideration which must be paid, whether directly or indirectly, in order to be allowed to fish from the property, regardless of the stated reason for such charge. License valid 12 months from date of issue. $106 $106
Taxidermy License: Authorizes persons to practice taxidermy, including the tanning of hides, involving wildlife for any compensation. License expires Dec. 31 each year. For information on federal taxidermy permits, call 800-344-9453. $50 N/A
Taxidermy Cervid Certification: Required, in addition to a taxidermy license, to engage in the taxidermy of any species of the family Cervidae (deer, elk, moose). $5 N/A