Freshwater Fishing Records

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Applying For A Freshwater Fishing Record

The Wildlife Resources Commission maintains records for popular freshwater sport fishes caught by rod and reel or cane pole in state waters. State record fish must be weighed on scales certified by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and verified by a Wildlife Resources Commission fisheries biologist (or biologist designated by the Com­mission). For an application form and other requirements, visit ncwildlife.org/FishingRecords, or call the Inland Fisheries Division at 919-707-0220.


Weight Lbs/Oz



Angler’s Name

Lure or Bait


Bodie (striped bass hybrid) 17/7 Lake Chatuge 3/15/96 Michael R. Hogsed Rebel jointed plug
Roanoke 2/11 Fishing Creek, Nash Co. 4/27/94 Richard Elijah Evans Spinner bait
Largemouth 15/14 Pond, Union Co. 3/29/91 William H.Wofford Crankbait
Rock 1/14 Deep River 4/29/98 Robert W. Lytton Crappie jig
Smallmouth 10/2 Hiwassee Reservoir 6/1/51 Archie Lamkin Unknown
Spotted 6/5 Lake Norman 12/26/03 Eric M. Weir Zoom Finesse Worm
Striped 66/0 Hiwassee Reservoir 3/31/12 Tyler Shields Zoom Trick Worm
White 5/14 Kerr Reservoir 3/15/86 Jim King Bucktail


Blue 117/8 Lake Gaston 6/11/16 Landon Evans Cut bait, shad
Flathead 78/0 Cape Fear River 9/17/05 Brian Newberger Eel
White 13/0 Lake James 5/21/90 Jerry Wayne Bentley Nightcrawler
Channel 23/4 City Lake, Rocky Mount 9/1/70 E. J. Bowden Shrimp
Brown bullhead 4/0 Greenfield Lake, New Hanover Co. 3/14/16 Mitchell McConnell Cut bait


White 2/15 Falls of the Neuse Reservoir 12/16/01 Bob G. Williams Jr. Strata Spoon
Yellow 2/9 Indiantown Creek 2/8/90 Evelyn G. Ethridge Minnow


Chain 8/0 Gaston Reservoir 2/13/68 John H. Leonard Minnow
Redfin 2/4 Gallberry Swamp 6/23/97 Edward C. Davis Minnow


American 7/15 Tar River 4/10/74 R.S. Proctor Shad dart
Hickory 4/1 Pitchkettle Creek 2/22/04 Trey Maroules Spoon


Redear (Shellcracker) 4/15 Pond, Edgecombe Co. 5/19/08 Travis Jackson Worm
Bluegill 4/5 Henderson County 7/27/67 Danny Case Catawba worm
Flier 1/5 Pond 3/17/90 Douglas N. McCall Cricket
Green 1/15 Pond, Ashe Co. 7/12/14 Victoria Navaroli Worm
Redbreast 2/1 Lumber River 6/10/2019 Alphonso Jackson Cricket
Warmouth 1/13 McLeods Pond, Richmond Co. 5/7/76 Emma Sears Minnow
Pumpkinseed 1/6 Trent River 5/21/03 John Koonce Eel
Spotted 0/7 Big Swamp, Robeson Co. 6/25/16 Elijah Crabtree Beetle spin


Brook 7/7 Raven Fork River 5/15/80 G.L. Marshall, Jr. Rooster Tail
Brown 24/10 Nantahala River 4/17/98 Robert Lee Dyer Rapala
Rainbow 20/3 Horsepasture River 1/28/06 Leah Johnson Rapala


Bowfin 17/15 Black River 6/21/97 Gregory A. Demery Sr. Cut bait, sunfish
Carp 48/0 Pond, Mecklenburg Co. 3/11/86 William Houston Jr. Unknown
Crappie, black 4/15 Asheboro City Lake #4 4/27/80 Dean Dixon Minnow
Crappie, white 3/15 Private lake, Wake County 4/1/13 Joey Boretti Storm WildEye® Swim Shad
Freshwater drum 23/8 Kerr Reservoir 3/20/13 Jonathan Wilkerson Plastic fluke
Grass carp 68/12 Summerlins Pond, Leland 6/8/98 David W. Stowell Rebel Pop R
Longnose gar 25/0 Intracoastal Waterway near Coinjock 1/30/09 Kelly Williams Tube minnow
Kokanee salmon 4/1 Nantahala Lake 6/11/14 Jeffery Todd Smith Dodgers and flashers
Muskellunge 41/8 Lake Adger 1/23/01 Richard W. Dodd Big Mack
Muskellunge, tiger* 33/8 Lake James 4/3/88 Gary Dean Nanney Buzzbait
Pike, northern* 11/13 Lake James 8/26/78 Keith Gilliam Storm Wiggle Wart
Sauger 5/15 Lake Norman 7/25/71 David Shook Top water Rapala
Smallmouth buffalo 88/0 Lake Wylie 11/14/93 Tony Crawford Pack bait
Walleye 13/8 Lake Chatuge (Shooting Cr.) 8/16/86 Lamar L. Cofer Old Faithful spoon