Moose in New York

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Moose are protected in New York and cannot be hunted. DEC and its research partners are currently compiling results from a multi-year research project and a series of public surveys to better understand the status of New York State’s moose population, moose health, factors that influence moose survival and reproductive rates, and to better understand the public’s experience with moose and desires for future moose populations. The goal of the study and surveys is to gather information to develop a moose management plan for New York State.

Report your Moose Sightings

If you have seen a moose, DEC wants to know about it. Your observations help DEC track moose distribution in New York. To report a moose sighting, go to www.dec.ny.gov/animals/6964.


Meat Unfit for Consumption

If a deer, bear or turkey is found to be unfit for human consumption, a special permit may be issued that allows the hunter to take another deer, turkey, or bear, provided the season is still open. The entire animal, including the antlers, must be forfeited to get a permit. A permit will not be issued if meat is unfit due to hunter neglect. Call a wildlife or law enforcement office listed on Important Numbers.