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New York



Message from the Governor

New York’s hunting and trapping traditions date back hundreds of years. While times have changed, these activities are an important link to our past for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers that bring thousands of visitors to our state each year to experience these traditions.

While wildlife management has changed over the centuries, hunters and trappers have long been integral to conservation of not only the game species they pursue, but the entire spectrum of wildlife diversity and the habitats on which they depend. However, today’s challenges are different from those experienced by past hunters and trappers. Climate change, invasive species, and pollution threaten the natural resources we all cherish.

To meet these challenges to our shared environment and our communities, New York is making unprecedented investments in clean air, water, and land. The overwhelming support by New Yorkers resulted in passage of the historic Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act, which will provide generational investments in habitat conservation, species restoration, and further protection of the environment.

The role of hunters as conservationists is not new, but it is as important as ever. I know hunters will continue to be valuable partners with New York State as we implement the Bond Act and many other science-driven wildlife management and conservation strategies in the years ahead.

This 2023–24 hunting and trapping guide reflects DEC’s sustained efforts to promote and practice sound wildlife management and provide hunters with the information they need to enjoy the upcoming seasons. In addition, DEC wildlife staff and Environmental Conservation Police Officers are always available to answer any questions and clarify requirements before hunters and trappers head out.

Whether the upcoming seasons mean time afield with family and friends, visiting a wild place, harvesting sustainable and wholesome food, or all of the above, take pride in the contributions you and other hunters and trappers make toward conservation while you enjoy New York’s outdoors.

Governor Kathy Hochul