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How to Transfer a DMP Deer Carcass Tag

Hunter Jane Doe wants to transfer her DMP tag to hunter Pete Moss.

Step 1. Jane Doe signs the bottom of her
DMP tag.

Step 2. Jane Doe gives the DMP tag to
Pete Moss.

Step 3. Pete Moss records the DOC# of the DMP tag on his reporting panel, completing the transfer.

Step 4. If Pete Moss takes an antlerless deer with the transferred DMP, he is required to report the deer by calling the automated reporting system (1-866-426-3778) or by reporting online at using the transferred DMP DOC# and his own date of birth.

  • Hunters are allowed to receive only two transferred DMPs per year.
  • DMPs can be transferred from the receiving hunter back to the original hunter or to another. The other hunter must record the DOC# on his/her reporting panel, as in Step 3 above, to complete the transfer.

Remember: Hunting licenses are not transferable. Only DMP carcass tags can be used by another hunter. A hunter must be in physical possession of a DMP when taking antlerless deer pursuant to a DMP. It cannot be “shared” by a group afield.

Note: To report a deer taken on a transferred DMP, the hunter who took the deer must call the automated reporting system (1-866-426-3778) or report online at using the transferred DMP carcass tag DOC# and his/her own date of birth, along with other required information.

DMP carcass tag of hunter Jane Doe

Reporting panel of hunter Pete Moss