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New York


Welcome to 2021-22 New York Hunting

What's New

New Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations

  1. Antlerless-only deer season in mid-September (9/11 - 9/19/2021) using firearms, vertical bows, and crossbows in WMUs 3M, 3R, 8A, 8F, 8G, 8J, 8N, 9A, and 9F, and using only vertical bows in WMUs 1C, 3S, 4J, and 8C. DMPs and DMAP tags only.
  2. Daily hunting hours for deer and bear are extended to 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.
  3. Hunters must wear a fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink hat or vest when hunting deer or bear with a firearm.
  4. Antlerless harvest allowed again during the early muzzleloader season in Northern Zone WMUs 6A, 6F, 6J.
  5. Bear season in the Adirondacks is simplified by extending the regular season to cover the full hunting period

Additional Waterfowl Hunting Opportunity for Veterans and Active-Duty Military

In September 2020, DEC adopted new waterfowl hunting regulations that allow veterans and active-duty military service members to hunt migratory game birds for two additional days with a bag limit equal to that of the regular hunting season. For the specific veteran/active-duty waterfowl days in each zone see the Migratory Game Bird Hunting Season information on Migratory Game Bird Hunting Seasons & Bag Limits.

Changes to Trapping Season Dates for Mink, Muskrat, and Beaver

Based on input from trappers and management needs for species like beaver, DEC adopted regulations modifying season dates for mink, muskrat, and beaver. For details see the trapping season maps for these species on Furbearer Trapping Season Dates & Bag Limits.

Pending Revision to Fisher Permit Requirement

At press time, a regulatory proposal was pending that would remove the requirement for a free special permit for fisher trapping. Under the proposal, a trapping license and pelt sealing would still be required for fisher and a free special permit would still be required for marten. For more information and for a summary of what biologists learned from the data collected on fisher, see Fisher Management in New York.

Holiday Deer Hunt

Regulations were adopted to provide an additional late bow and muzzleloading season for deer in the Southern Zone from December 26 through January 1. See Deer Hunting Season Dates for the deer hunting season map.

New Legislation Lowered the Age for Deer Hunting with a Firearm & Crossbow

Governor Cuomo signed legislation that allows youths aged 12-13 to hunt deer with a firearm or crossbow under the supervision of an experienced adult hunter in upstate counties that choose to participate. Before you head afield, be sure to check the DEC website ( for an updated list of counties that have “opted in” to this opportunity for junior hunters.