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New York


Using This Guide

This guide contains:

  • Statewide Species Regulations
  • General Regulations (Definitions, Taking and Possessing of Fish, Methods of Taking Fish, Regulations for Harvested
  • Fish, Purchase and Sale of Fish)
  • Baitfish Regulations
  • Special Regulations
  • Fish Health Advisories

To find regulations for the water/species you are fishing:

  • Review the Special Regulations first.
  • If the water you are fishing or the species you are fishing for are not listed in the Special Regulations, then the Statewide Species Regulations apply.


  • General Regulations for regulations on how you are allowed to fish and what you can do with your catch including methods for taking and transporting fish.
  • Baitfish Regulations for information on the collection and use of baitfish.
  • Fish Health Advisories if you plan to consume fish.

If you have any questions or are unsure of any regulations, call or email the nearest DEC Regional Office. Contact information can be found in the Special Regulations section of the guide.