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New York


Special Regulations

Special regulations are broken out by region and major fisheries such as Finger Lakes, Great Lakes, and Tidal Hudson River.



(Open Season), M, D,

(Additional regulations if necessary)

The following pages list Special Regulations that deviate from statewide regulations.

• A “–” between dates represents “through” and includes the ending date.

• Waterbodies are listed alphabetically in each section.

The general pattern of the waterbody regulations are as follows:

Symbol Key

M = Minimum Length D = Daily Limit

I = Ice fishing permitted (see Methods of Taking Fish for ice fishing regulations). If ice fishing is permitted, it is permitted for any species with an open season for that waterbody.

To find if the water you are fishing has a special regulation:

  • Check the Region where the water you want to fish is located. If you are redirected to another section, go there.
  • If the water you want to fish is not listed, then Statewide Species Regulations apply.




All year, M-None, D -5

Ice fishing disclaimer

Lakes and ponds with specific regulations are labeled with the ice fishing symbol

(snowflake) shown above. If a lake or pond does not have a snowflake, ice fishing is not permitted. Rivers that specifically allow ice fishing have been labeled with a snowflake. For rivers that are not labeled, ice fishing is not permitted in rivers inhabited by trout.