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New York


Purchase & Sale of Fish

Fish that are salable

Fish that are salable at any time include those species in the Statewide Seasons and Limits table for which there is no closed season and no minimum length. A baitfish license is required to sell baitfish in NY.


The following fish only if taken outside of New York State:

Coho, Chinook, and pink salmon, Atlantic salmon, Lake trout, Pickerel, Crappie,

Northern pike, and Walleye.

Additional regulations may apply to the sale of these imported fish; contact a DEC Regional Office for more information.

Exception: American eel is the only fish taken from the Quebec portion of Lake Champlain and the Richelieu River that may be transported into and sold in New York State.

Fish that are non-salable

Fish that are non-salable are fish that have a minimum length or a closed season.


  • Black bass, landlocked salmon, muskellunge, and trout taken on a licensed fishing preserve or private hatchery and properly tagged or documented may be sold
  • Sale of catfish taken in Lake Ontario and its tributaries upstream to the 1st barrier impassable by fish and in the St. Lawrence River is prohibited.
  • Sale of American eel from the Hudson, Harlem, and East rivers is prohibited, except for use as bait.
  • Eggs taken from Chinook salmon and coho salmon caught in Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, or their tributaries upstream to the 1st impassable barrier may be sold by only sport fishermen for use as bait.

Natural Baits Other Than Baitfish

Salamanders and snakes

Native salamanders and snakes cannot be collected or used as bait.

Aquatic insects

No aquatic insect (or any insect that lives in the water during any of its life stages) shall be taken from waters inhabited by trout, or from the banks of those waters at any time.

Rusty crayfish

  • Rusty crayfish may not be purchased and/or transported to a waterbody (page 79) for use as bait or to be released.
  • Rusty crayfish may not be transported away from or within a waterbody (page 79).

Fish eggs

  • No person shall possess more than one quart total of fish eggs from ⊲ Trout, Lake trout, or Atlantic salmon while on the waters of the state or the shores thereof. Fish eggs which are still inside the carcass of an intact, legally caught and possessed fish shall not be counted towards the one-quart total.
  • No person shall take or attempt to take any fish by means of chumming (page 70) with fish eggs.

Taking and possession of frogs

  • Any person who has a hunting or fishing license or is entitled to fish without a license may take frogs with a spear, club, hook, or by hand.
  • A small game hunting license is required to take frogs with a gun or a longbow.
  • Frogs may be taken in any number and at any time from June 15–Sept 30, except that no person shall use a gun to take frogs between sunset to sunrise.
  • Frogs may be imported, bought, and sold at any time. An importer must keep a record of names and addresses of buyers and sellers.

Exception: Leopard frogs may not be taken in NYC, Nassau, or Sufolk counties. Northern cricket frogs or eastern spadefoot toads may not be taken anywhere in New York State.