Highlights of Changes for 2019–2020

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Mallard and Canada Goose Bag Limit and Season Length Changes

In response to a long-term decline in mallard breeding populations in the Atlantic Flyway and New York, the bag limit has been reduced from 4 (2 hens) per day to 2 (1 hen) per day. Similarly, Canada goose season lengths and bag limits in much of upstate New York have been reduced from a 50-day season and 3-bird bag limit to a 30-day season and 2-bird bag limit in response to declining migratory populations. For more information on these changes, please visit the DEC webpage (https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/28888.html).

Pending Regulations

At the time the Guide went to press, regulations were pending related to CWD, deer feeding, bear hunting, and Orleans County and a portion of Broome County implement change. Be sure to check the DEC website (https://www.dec.ny.gov/) before heading into the field.

WomenHuntFishNY Photo Contest

The winners of the WomenHuntFishNY photo contest (Recognizing Women Who Hunt) :

  • Before the Hunt: Subject: Carey Killion Photo Credit: Renata Canaday
  • Big Game Hunting: Rebecca Meigel
  • Group Hunting: Michelle Sanford & Cathy Sanford
  • Small Game Hunting: Subject: Susan Janowski Photo Credit: Meghan Marin
  • Youth Hunting: Subjects: Alexis Nikiel and Aleah Brauen Photo Credit: Deanna Nikiel
  • After the Hunt: Nikki Boxler