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New Mexico



Hunting Licenses & Requirements

Licence Requirements

While in The Field You Must Have All of the Following:

  1. All hunters must possess a valid license, and permit if applicable, for the species and hunt type in which they will participate and must produce this upon request by a conservation officer.
  2. All big-game and turkey hunters must possess a Game-hunting License.
  3. All big-game and turkey hunters must possess a carcass tag(s) for each species hunted, unless the E-Tag option is chosen.
  4. All hunters, trappers or anglers on any Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management lands must possess a Habitat Stamp.
  5. All hunters, trappers or anglers 18 years and older must possess a Habitat Management & Access Validation on public and/or private lands.
  6. All hunters 17 years of age and younger must possess a hunter education or mentor-youth number.
  7. All hunters on private lands must possess written permission from the landowner.

Hunter Responsibility

It is the responsibility of each hunter to know and comply with all applicable license, stamp, permit and/or tag requirements.

Purchasing Licenses, Stamps and Validations

Each individual purchasing a license or applying for a draw hunt and every student registering for a hunter/bowhunter education class, must have a NMDGF account with a customer identification number (CIN). Accounts can be set up online: https://onlinesales.wildlife.s... or by telephone at 1-888-248-6866. Please do NOT create a duplicate account.

Licenses, tags, stamps and validations are available online, by telephone, and in person at NMDGF offices and local vendors. Information and requirements for the habitat stamp and habitat management & access validation are described on pages 9–10. Please note, before March 23, game-hunting licenses and stamps for the 2022–23 season may be purchased through the draw application process. Restrictions may apply for online big-game license purchases.

Licenses and permits can be printed on standard paper, but all big-game and turkey hunters must obtain a carcass tag(s) from NMDGF or a license vendor prior to hunting or have chosen the E-Tag option. Draw permits for bear and turkey may not be printed until all appropriate license(s) have been purchased.

E-Tag Option for Big Game and Turkey

Hunters may choose to E-Tag their big-game animal or turkey rather than receive and carry a paper license/tag. Hunters must choose whether to E-Tag or receive a physical tag when purchasing or applying for their license(s). If you choose to receive a paper license/tag, you cannot later use the E-Tag option. Prior to hunting, hunters must download the NM E-Tag app to their mobile phone, login while in service, and remain logged in while hunting. Upon harvesting an animal, hunters will be required to immediately E-Tag the animal using the app. The hunter will receive an E-Tag number with the CIN and the date of kill which must be hand written on a durable material (e.g. duct tape or flagging ribbon) in permanent ink and attached to the animal (see Tagging Instructions, pages 29–30). The app will work even while out of service as long as the license is verified prior to leaving cell service. Hunters MUST be able to show their license on their phone. Hunters choosing to E-Tag must still submit a harvest report.

Online and Draw Big-game License/Tag Combo

Hunters who do not choose the E-Tag option will be issued a license/tag combination. You can carry a single document and will not be required to print your license separately if:

  1. You have purchased all required stamps prior to May 16, 2022; and/or
  2. You purchase your license online, by telephone or at an NMDGF office.

The license/tag will include the game-hunting license, any stamps purchased, the big-game license, carcass tag and an antler/horn tag (depending on species and bag limit) and/or a second tag (cougar and spring turkey).

  • A license/tag and permit are available immediately if purchased at an NMDGF office or license vendor.
  • A license/tag will be mailed to all successful draw hunt applicants, unless the E-Tag option is chosen.
  • Telephone or online purchases for javelina and private-land Barbary sheep, deer, elk, oryx and pronghorn licenses must be made at least 14 days prior to the start of the hunt to allow time to mail the license(s)/tag(s). License(s)/tag(s) will be mailed to the address provided by the customer for each species. Customers may obtain a duplicate license and tag in person at any OTC license vendor or NMDGF office. Duplicate license/tags will be charged a $6 fee. If obtained at an OTC license vendor, both a printed license and separate tag will be required. If a duplicate tag is obtained, the original tag number will be invalidated. It is illegal to use an invalidated license/tag.

Purchases at OTC License Vendors

The license/tag combination will not be available for big-game or turkey licenses and duplicate tags purchased at OTC license vendors. Both a tag and a printed license will be required.

Required Stamps

Habitat Management & Access Validation (HMAV)

A habitat management and access validation (HMAV) must be purchased and possessed by all hunters, trappers or anglers, except individuals 17 years of age and younger, resident anglers 70 years and older (free fishing license) and 100% disabled veteran card holders. Only one stamp each license year is required. Fees are used to: lease access to private lands for public use; provide public access to landlocked public land; and provide improvement, maintenance, development and operation of State Game Commission property for fish and wildlife habitat management.
The HMAV will automatically be added to the shopping cart with your first purchase of a hunting, fishing or trapper license if required.

Habitat Stamp

Hunters and anglers must purchase and possess a current habitat stamp for U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in New Mexico, except anglers 11 years of age and younger, resident anglers 70 years and older (free fishing license) and 100% disabled resident veterans in conjunction with privileges covered by the Disabled-Veteran card. Only one stamp is required each license year for these lands. The stamp is not required on other public property, or on private property. The stamp is not required in Unit 28, a predominately BLM property under military withdrawal. Funds from the sale of habitat stamps are used to improve wildlife habitat. All hunters, trappers and anglers are encouraged to purchase a habitat stamp.

New Mexico Residency Requirements

To qualify for New Mexico resident license(s), an individual must meet one of the following criteria:

1. A United States citizen who has resided in N.M. for a period of not less than 90 days immediately preceding the date of application (or purchase) for the license, has been domiciled in N.M., and has not claimed residency elsewhere for any purpose. Temporary or seasonal residents and home owners, who maintain a primary residence outside of N.M., do not qualify for resident licenses.

2. A citizen of another country who is legally in the United States and has lived in N.M. for at least 90 days immediately preceding his/her license application (or purchase).

3. A student, not otherwise entitled to claim residence, who is attending any educational institu-tion in N.M., has attended and actually has lived in the state for at least one full semester imme-diately preceding the application (or purchase) for a license. Students must present a certificate or letter verifying their enrollment and attendance from the proper authorities of the educa-tional institution.

4. A member of the U.S. military, not otherwise entitled to claim residence, who is permanently assigned to a military installation located within N.M. and who presents with his/her applica-tion a certificate or letter that verifies the military assignment and is signed by the commanding officer. The spouse or dependent of such person, living within the same household and similarly certified by the person's commanding officer may also purchase resident licenses.

5. A member of the U.S. military who is officially stationed at Fort Bliss and who presents a certifi-cate or letter to NMDGF that verifies the military assignment and is signed by the commanding officer, prior to application. This applies only for draw-hunt licenses on Fort Bliss. Fort Bliss personnel must pay nonresident license fees for all other hunts. The 50% resident military and veteran discount does not apply.

License Information Is Public Record

Pursuant to the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, Sections 14-2-1 et. seq. NMSA 1978, all information provided when applying for licenses and permits is public record and must be disclosed to anyone when properly requested except as provided by law.