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New Mexico



Deer Seasons & Regulations

Deer Draw Licenses

The deadline to apply for deer draw licenses is March 17, 2021. Up to four hunters may apply per application for a deer draw license.

Successful applicants will be mailed a deer draw license/tag, unless the E–Tag option is chosen. The license includes a hunt code and description of the unit, sporting–arm type, season dates and bag limit. Tags include instructions for proper tagging.

Fee Types for Deer Draw Licenses

S . . . . Standard hunts.

Q . . . . Quality hunt.

HD . . . High–demand hunt.

Q/HD. . Quality and high–demand hunt combination.

If allotted a license in the draw that has a fee lower than that submitted when applying, the difference will be refunded.

Fourth Choice Hunts

By selecting 4th–choice, an applicant is indicating she/he will accept a deer hunting license for any hunt in a specific quadrant of the state. The 4th–choice assignment will always be for the same sporting arm type as the 1st choice on an application.

Hunters should understand that success rates for 4th–choice hunts may be low, due to small and/ or localized deer populations. Not all hunts are available in the 4th–choice hunt pool. Hunters who

apply for and receive a 4th–choice hunt will not receive a refund and may not obtain a private– land only license if dissatisfied with the hunt drawn.

If applying for a 4th–choice hunt, applicants must select one of the four quadrants listed below.

NW: Northwest: Units 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 or 14.

NE: Northeast: Units 41, 42, 43, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58 or 59.

SW: Southwest: Units 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 or 27.

SE: Southeast: Units 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39 or 40.

Bag Limit

FAD . . . Fork antlered deer (white-tailed or mule deer).

FAMD. . Fork antlered mule deer.

FAWTD. Fork antlered white-tailed deer.

ESWTD. Either sex white-tailed deer.

A . . . . Antlerless deer.

Marked Animals

It is legal to harvest an animal with a radiocollar, eartag, or other human-placed identifying mark. Please contact the Department at (505) 476-8038 to return radiocollars as they store data and can be deployed on subsequent animals.

Private–land Only Deer Licenses

To hunt on private land only (except in Units 2A, 2B, 2C, 4 and 5A listed below), hunters must obtain a private–land only deer license and carcass tag—available online, by telephone, from license vendors or at NMDGF offices. Online and telephone purchases must be made at least 14 days prior to the hunt start date to allow mailing of tags, unless the E–Tag option is chosen. When obtaining a private–land only deer license, the hunter must select a hunt code which corresponds with a deer–draw hunt code for the unit, bag limit, sporting arm type and season date. If the hunter is a nonresident and selects a corresponding deer–draw hunt code designated as quality (Q) or high demand (HD), she/he must purchase a quality deer license.

Private–land Deer Hunting in Units 2A, 2B, 2C, 4 and 5A

Hunters wishing to hunt on private land in these units must obtain an authorization code and a hunt code from the landowner, and must apply through the regular public draw. When applying for private–land hunts in Unit 5A, only one person per application may apply. The application must be completed by March 16, 2022. Private–land only licenses are not issued by license vendors for hunts in Units 2A, 2B, 2C, 4 and 5A. Hunt codes must be obtained from a landowner.

Landowners must obtain an authorization code and hunt codes from the NMDGF Northwest Area office located in Albuquerque or telephone: (505) 222–4710.

Private-land Deer Hunting in Units 8, 46, 54, 55 and 55B

Units 8, 46, 54 and 55 have limited public–land hunting opportunities. Private–land hunters in these units must select one of the hunt codes listed below. The fee type is standard (S).

UnitHunt DatesHunt CodeFee TypeLicensesBag Limit
Unit 8
BowSep 1-24DER-2-501SUnlimitedFAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-502SUnlimitedFAD
Any LegalOct 15-19DER-1-500SUnlimitedFAD
Unit 46
BowSep 1-24DER-2-505SUnlimitedFAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-506SUnlimitedFAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-503SUnlimitedFAD
Any Legal Oct 29-Nov 2 DER-1-504S Unlimited FAD
Unit 54
BowSep 1-24DER-2-511SUnlimitedFAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-512SUnlimitedFAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-507SUnlimitedFAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-508SUnlimitedFAD
Any LegalNov 23-27DER-1-509SUnlimitedESWTD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27 DER-1-510S Unlimited FAD
Unit 55A, 55B
BowSep 1-24DER-2-516SUnlimitedFAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-517SUnlimitedFAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-513SUnlimitedFAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-514SUnlimitedFAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-515SUnlimitedFAD
Unit 55B ONLY
Any LegalNov 23-27DER-1-518SUnlimitedESWTD

Deer Draw Licenses

Draw licenses authorize the hunter to hunt on any open public land within the specified unit or hunt area and on any private land in that unit (except Units 4 and 5A), with written permission from the landowner of the property.

Closed Areas: Military reservations, national parks and monuments, state parks and monuments, recreation areas, national wildlife refuges, state wildlife management areas, and other locations may be closed or restrict hunting. All state wildlife management areas are closed unless officially designated open to hunting.

UnitHunt DatesHunt CodeFee TypeLicensesBag Limit
Premium Statewide Deer Hunt
Any LegalSep 1-Jan 31, ‘23DER-1-700S1FAD
Unit 2A
BowSep 1-24DER-2-103S40FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-105S80FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-107S50FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-100S150FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-102S40FAD
Unit 2B
BowSep 1-24DER-2-116S130FAD
Bow - Youth OnlySep 1-24DER-2-117S20FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-119Q/HD180FAD
Bow - Youth OnlyJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-120Q50FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-122S175FAD
Muzzle - Youth OnlySep 27-Oct 3DER-3-123S20FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-109S275FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-111S400FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-113Q475FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-115HD150FAD
Unit 2C
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-127Q/HD50FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-129Q/HD20FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-125Q/HD30FAD
UnitHunt DatesHunt CodeFee TypeLicensesBag Limit
Unit 4 Humphries/ Rio Chama/Sargent WMAs (NM Residents Only)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-139Q10FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-131Q20FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyOct 22-26DER-1-132Q10FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-134Q20FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-136Q10FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 23-27DER-1-138Q5FAD
Unit 5A (Public land only)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-144S30FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-146S10FAD
Any LegalNov 8-14DER-1-142S40FAD
Unit 5B
BowSep 1-24DER-2-150Q10FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-151Q10FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-148Q/HD25FAD
Units 6A, 6C
BowSep 1-24DER-2-154S100FAD
MuzzleOct 1-5DER-3-155S115FAD
Any Legal -
Mobility Impaired Only
Oct 15-19DER-1-152S20FAD
Any Legal Nov. 5-9 DER-1-153 S 100
Unit 7
BowSep 1-24DER-2-157S10FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-158S20FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-156S25FAD
Unit 8
Bow - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-2-159S50FAD
BowJan. 1-15, ‘23 DER-2-160 S 65FAD
Unit 9 (including Water Canyon and Marquez WMAs)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-163S10FAD
Muzzle - Restricted muzzleloader onlySep 27-Oct 3DER-3-164S10FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-161S10FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-162S10FAD
Unit 10
BowSep 1-24DER-2-170S100FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-171S90FAD
Any Legal - Mobility Impaired OnlyOct 22-26DER-1-165S20FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-166S70FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-167S65FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-168S90FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-169S25FAD
Unit 12
BowSep 1-24DER-2-173HD20FAD
MuzzleNov 12-16DER-3-174S40FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-172S90FAD
Unit 13
BowSep 1-24DER-2-178S125FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-179S75FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-180S200FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-175S150FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-176S150FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-177s50FAD
Unit 14
BowSep 1-24DER-2-182S30FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-183S25FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-184S50FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-181S50FAD
Unit 15
BowSep 1-24DER-2-185S75FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-186S25FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-187S165FAD
Muzzle - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-3-188S100FAD
Unit 16 (A, B, C, D, and E)

Sep 1-24
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-194S175FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-195S300FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-189S300FAD
Any Legal - Mobility Impaired OnlyNov 12-16DER-1-190S25FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-191S300FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-192S100FAD
Unit 17
BowSep 1-24DER-2-199Q75FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-200Q75FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-201Q80FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-196Q80FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-197Q80FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-198Q80FAD
Unit 18
BowSep 1-24DER-2-204S50FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-205S40FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-206S75FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-202S70FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-203S70FAD
Unit 19 (excluding
WSMR portion)
Bow1Jan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-208S10FAD
Muzzle1Dec 3-7DER-3-209S10FAD
Unit 19 (WSMR
portion only)
Any Legal2Jan 13-15, '23; 27-29, ‘23DER-1-207S5FAD
Unit 20
BowSep 1-24DER-2-212S40FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-213S25FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-214S85FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-210S90FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-211S90FAD

1 Mandatory check-in/check-out. Chronic wasting disease (CWD) detected in this area.
2 White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) ONLY, mandatory check-in/check-out. WSMR will charge a $50 per hunter access fee. Successful WSMR applicants will receive an email from WSMR with instructions for fee payment. Hunters are responsible for timely payment and will not be allowed to hunt if the access fee has not been paid by the specified deadline. Chronic wasting disease (CWD) detected in this area.

UnitHunt DatesHunt CodeFee TypeLicensesBag Limit
Unit 21
BowSep 1-24DER-2-218S300FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-219S200FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-220S350FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-215S425FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-216S425FAD
Any Legal - Youth Only Nov. 19-27 DER-1-217 S 100 FAD
Unit 22
BowSep 1-24DER-2-224S30FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-225S25FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-226S65FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-221S70FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-222S70FAD
Any Legal - Youth Only Nov. 19-27 DER-1-223 S 20FAD
Unit 23 (excluding Burro Mountain Area)
Bow1Sep 1-24DER-2-232S205FAMD
Bow1Jan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-233S50FAMD
Bow1Sep 1-24DER-2-234S100FAWTD
Bow1Jan 16-31, ‘23DER-2-235S50FAWTD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-236S225FAMD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-237S45FAWTD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-227S450FAMD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-228S450FAMD
Any LegalNov 19-23DER-1-229HD100FAWTD
Any LegalDec 3-11DER-1-230HD50FAWTD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-231S75FAD
Unit 23 (Burro Mountain Area only)
Bow only1Jan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-241Q40FAMD
Bow only1Sep 1-24DER-2-242Q20FAWTD
Bow only1Jan 16-31, ‘23DER-2-243Q50FAWTD
Muzzle onlyOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-244Q40FAMD
Muzzle onlyOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-245Q40FAWTD
Any LegalNov 5-13DER-1-238Q35FAMD
Any LegalDec 3-11DER-1-239Q/HD40FAWTD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-240Q25FAD

1 Hunters holding a valid Bow Deer License for Unit 23 and who did not harvest a deer during an above hunt, will be allowed to hunt antlerless deer within the Silver City Deer Management Area (as determined by NMDGF) from Jan. 16-Feb. 5, 2023.

UnitHunt DatesHunt CodeFee TypeLicensesBag Limit
Unit 24 (excluding Fort Bayard Management Area)
Bow1Sep 1-24DER-2-252S125FAMD
Bow1Jan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-253S75FAMD
Bow1Sep 1-24DER-2-254S60FAWTD
Bow1Jan 16-31, ‘23DER-2-255S40FAWTD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-256S280FAMD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-257S40FAWTD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-247S400FAMD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-248S400FAMD
Any LegalNov 19-23DER-1-249S100FAWTD
Unit 24 (including Fort Bayard Management Area)
Any Legal - Youth Only2 Oct 1-9 DER-1-246 S 50 FAD
Any Legal - Youth Only2Nov. 19-27
Unit 25
BowSep 1-24DER-2-260S45FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-261S30FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-262S45FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-258S100FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-259S100FAD
Unit 26
BowSep 1-24DER-2-265S25FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-266S15FAD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-267S60FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-263S100FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-264S100FAD
Unit 27
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-273Q40FAMD
BowJan 16-31, ‘23DER-2-274Q40FAWTD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-275Q40FAMD
MuzzleOct 29-Nov 2DER-3-276Q50FAWTD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-268Q50FAMD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-269Q50FAMD
Any LegalNov 19-23DER-1-270Q/HD40FAWTD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-271Q25FAD
Any LegalDec 3-11DER-1-272Q/HD25FAWTD

1 Hunters holding a valid Bow Deer License for Unit 24 and who did not harvest a deer during an above hunt, will be allowed to hunt antlerless deer within the Silver City Deer Management Area (as determined by NMDGF) from Jan. 16-Feb. 5, 2023.

2 Including Fort Bayard Management Area

UnitHunt DatesHunt CodeFee TypeLicensesBag Limit
Unit 28 McGregor range (CWD detected in this area)
Any LegalDec 17-18DER-1-277HD25FAD
Any Legal - Military OnlyDec 17-18 DER-1-278HD 25FAD
Unit 29
BowSep 1-24DER-2-281S100FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-282S50FAD
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-283S70FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-279S170FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-280S170FAD
Unit 30
BowSep 1-24DER-2-287S200FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-288S100FAD
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-289S325FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-284S800FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-285S800FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov. 19-27 DER-1-286S 250FAD
Unit 31 (including Prairie Chicken WMAs)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-292S175FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-293S100FAD
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-294S175FAD
Muzzle - Huey WMA only / NM Resident Only / Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-3-307S10ES
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-290S465FAD
Any Legal Nov. 19-23 DER-1-291 S 460FAD
Unit 32 (including Prairie Chicken WMAs)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-299S150FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-300S100FAD
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-301S175FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-295S625FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-296S625FAD
Any Legal - Youth Only 1Dec 16-31DER-1-297S15A
Any Legal 1Jan 16-31, ‘23DER-1-298S15A

1 Roswell and Fort Sumner hunt areas ONLY.

UnitHunt DatesHunt CodeFee TypeLicensesBag Limit
Unit 33 (including
Prairie Chicken WMAs)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-304Q60FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-305Q50FAD
Muzzle - Restricted muzzleloader onlyOct 22-26DER-3-306Q140FAD
Muzzle - Huey WMA only / NM Resident Only / Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-3-307S10ES
Muzzle - Huey WMA only / NM Resident Only / Youth OnlyDec 26-Jan 1, ‘23DER-3-308S10A
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-302Q150FAD
Any LegalNov 19-23DER-1-303Q150FAD
Unit 34 (CWD detected in this area.)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-313S450FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-314S350FAD
MuzzleNov 5-9DER-3-315S340FAD
Any Legal - Mobility Impaired OnlyOct 22-26DER-1-309S50FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyOct 22-26DER-1-310S45FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-311S735FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-312S735FAD
Unit 36 (including
Fort Stanton)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-319S225FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-320S125FAD
Muzzle - Youth OnlyOct 22-26DER-3-322S25FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-318S25FAD
Unit 36 (excluding Fort Stanton)
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-321S115FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-316S300FAD
Any LegalNov 12-16DER-1-317S300FAD
Unit 37
BowSep 1-24DER-2-325S100FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-326S80FAD
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-327S125FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-323S375FAD
Any LegalNov 19-23DER-1-324S375FAD
Unit 38
BowSep 1-24DER-2-330S65FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-331S40FAD
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-332S100FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-328S175FAD
Any LegalNov 19-23DER-1-329S175FAD
Unit 39
BowSep 1-24DER-2-335S25FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-336S15FAD
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-337S40FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-333S40FAD
Any LegalNov 19-23DER-1-334S40FAD
Unit 40
BowSep 1-24DER-2-340S15FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-341S10FAD
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-342S25FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-338S50FAD
Any LegalNov 19-23DER-1-339S50FAD
Unit 41
BowSep 1-24DER-2-348Q10FAD
BowJan 1-15, ‘23DER-2-349Q10FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-350Q25FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-343Q40FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-344Q40FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-345Q5FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyDec 3-7DER-1-346Q15ESWTD
Any LegalDec 10-14DER-1-347Q10ESWTD
Unit 42
BowSep 1-24DER-2-354S10FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-355S10FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-351S40FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-352S35FAD
Any LegalNov 23-27DER-1-353S10ESWTD
Unit 43
BowSep 1-24DER-2-357S10FAD
MuzzleOct 22-26DER-3-358S10FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-356S35FAD
Unit 45
BowSep 1-24DER-2-363S150FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-364S160FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-359S250FAD
Any Legal - Mobility Impaired OnlyNov 5-9DER-1-360S25FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-361S250FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov. 19-27 DER-1-362 S 25FAD
Unit 47
BowSep 1-24DER-2-367S10FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-368S20FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-365S20FAD
Any Legal Oct. 29-Nov.2 DER-1-366 S 20FAD
Unit 48
BowSep 1-24DER-2-371S45FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-372S25FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-369S40FAD
Any Legal Oct. 29-Nov.2 DER-1-370 S 50FAD
Unit 49
BowSep 1-24DER-2-375S100FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-373S90FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-374S90FAD
Unit 50
BowSep 1-24DER-2-378S5FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-376S50FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-377S50FAD
Unit 51A
BowSep 1-24DER-2-380S65FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-379S145FAD
Unit 51B
BowSep 1-24DER-2-383S10FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-381S15FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-382S15FAD
Unit 52
BowSep 1-24DER-2-386S80FAD
Muzzle - Restricted muzzleloader onlySep 27-Oct 3DER-3-387S25FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-384S90FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-385S90FAD
Unit 53
BowSep 1-24DER-2-390S90FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-388S85FAD
Any LegalNov 5-9DER-1-389S85FAD
Units 54 and 55 (NM Residents Only)
Bow - Colin Neblett WMASep 1-24DER-2-393S10FAD
Any Legal - Colin Neblett WMAOct 22-26DER-1-391S15FAD
Any Legal - Colin Neblett WMAOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-392S15FAD
Unit 55 (NM Residents Only)
Any Legal - ES Barker WMAOct 22-26DER-1-394S5FAD
Any Legal - ES Barker WMA / Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-395S5FAD
Any Legal - Urraca WMAOct 22-26DER-1-396S10FAD
Any Legal - Urraca WMA Oct. 29-Nov.2 DER-1-397 S 10FAD
Unit 55A (Valle Vidal Only)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-398Q10FAD
Unit 56
BowSep 1-24DER-2-403S10FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-404S10FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-399S15FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-400S15FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-401S10FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyDec. 3-7 DER-1-402 S 10 FAD
Unit 57 (Sugarite Canyon State Park Only)
BowNov 1-30DER-2-410Q20FAD
Unit 57 (excluding Sugarite Canyon)
BowSep 1-24DER-2-409S20FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-411S15FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-405S25FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-406S25FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-407S10FAD
Any LegalNov 23-27DER-1-408S10ESWTD
Unit 58
BowSep 1-24DER-2-417S10FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-418S25FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-412S40FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-413S35FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-414S10FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyDec 3-7DER-1-415S15ESWTD
Any LegalDec 10-14DER-1-416S10ESWTD
Unit 59
BowSep 1-24DER-2-424S10FAD
MuzzleSep 27-Oct 3DER-3-425S25FAD
Any LegalOct 22-26DER-1-419S40FAD
Any LegalOct 29-Nov 2DER-1-420S40FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyNov 19-27DER-1-421S5FAD
Any Legal - Youth OnlyDec 3-7DER-1-422S15ESWTD
Any LegalDec 10-14DER-1-423S10ESWTD

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