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New Jersey


How Far Can Your Firearm Shoot?

12 gauge maximum ­distances for shot sizes:

No. 6 - 708 feet or 236 yards

No. 0 - 1,845 feet or 615 yards

No. 00 - 1,895 feet or 632 yards

Slug, 1 oz - 3,780 feet or 1,260 yards

Sporting Arms and Ammunition ­Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc.

Safety Series, 1075 Post Road, Riverside, CT 06878

* Distances above are with barrel held at an elevated angle for ­maximum trajectory. Always consider the angle of your barrel when shooting.

* Never shoot at or over the crest of a hill.

* All distances are approximate and can vary depending on the shotgun’s gauge/choke and ammunition used.

New Jersey