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Edible Portions Guide

Edible portions do not include meat from the head or neck; meat that has been damaged by the method of taking; bones, sinew, and meat reasonably lost as a result of butchering, boning, or close trimming of bones, or viscera. Edible portions do not include meat from diseased or scavenged carcasses. See Wanton Waste of Game, General Hunting Regulations

For white-tailed deer and black bear:

  • Front quarters to the knee
  • Hind quarters to the hock
  • Backstrap/tenderloin — the meat along the backbone, between the front and hind quarters

For rabbit and squirrel:

  • Front shoulders
  • Thighs
  • Backstrap

For game birds such as turkey:

  • breast, legs and thighs

For game birds other than turkey:

  • breast

New Jersey