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New Jersey

Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing

Wildlife Management Areas

Regulations in red are new this year.

Regulations for use of wildlife management areas (WMAs) are established by the Division of Fish and Wildlife with penalties of not less than $50 nor more than $1,500. A second violation of any WMA regulation will result in a five-year loss of all sporting licenses and privileges.

Information on these regulations and permit applications may be obtained by writing to New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, MC501-03, P.O. Box 420, Trenton, NJ 08625-0420.

Fish and Wildlife may revoke any permit or other authorization issued for violation or due cause.

The following are prohibited: camping, swimming, picnicking, airsoft or paintball gunning, geocaching, dumping, cutting or damaging vegetation, removing timber or firewood, alcoholic beverages and fires.

Restricted Hours

Wildlife Management Areas are closed from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. unless engaged in lawful hunting, fishing or trapping activities.

Special permission may be granted for Fish and Wildlife approved activities.

Motor Vehicles

No person shall operate an unregistered vehicle on roads under the control of the Division of Fish and Wildlife. All motor vehicles are restricted to established public roads and parking areas.

The use of dog sleds and dog carts, off-road vehicles, ATVs, trailbikes or snowmobiles is prohibited on all wildlife management areas unless authorized by Fish and Wildlife. E-bikes are allowed up to 750 watts. For mountain bike and paddleboard regulations, visit

Target Practice

Only archery, shotgun, muzzleloading shotgun, muzzleloading rifle, air gun (.177 and .22) and modern rifle ≤ .30 caliber rifle shooting is allowed in designated hunter training ranges according to posted regulations at the training area. Other target practice is allowed only with permission from the Division of Fish and Wildlife. For range information, visit our website: See Hunter Training Areas,

Field Trials

Permits for use of wildlife management areas for running of field trials may be granted by Fish and Wildlife. Apply for a permit by calling 609-259-2132.

Dog Training and Exercising

Dogs may be exercised or trained on any WMA from Sept. 1 to April 30. All dogs must be properly licensed. Select WMAs with designated dog training areas also permit dogs to be exercised or trained from May 1 to Aug. 31. For more information, see the New Jersey Hunting and Trapping Digest or call 609-984-0547.

Outboard Motors

Only electric motors are allowed on freshwater lakes and ponds owned by New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife with the exception of Union Lake, where outboard motors not exceeding 10 hp. may be used. On Prospertown Lake, only manually operated boats and canoes are allowed.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is allowed on designated WMAs only by permit from the Division of Fish and Wildlife. Apply online at Horseback riding permits should be displayed on outer clothing while riding, not covered by a pack or other equipment. For more information on horseback riding permits, call 609-259-2132.

Fishing Tournament

Any club or organization that would like to use a New Jersey wildlife management area for fishing tournaments must apply for and secure a permit from Fish and Wildlife. No fee is required. Applications will be accepted in January at Fish and Wildlife’s Central Region Office, One Eldridge Rd., Robbinsville, NJ 08691 at 609-223-6076.

Boat Ramp Maintenance Permit

Any vehicle used to transport or launch a vessel or water conveyance on the following WMAs must have affixed to the lower corne­r of the driver’s side rear window a boat ramp maintenance permit, or a photocopy of a valid hunting, fishing or trapping license. Be sure your Conservation ID number is clearly displayed; all other personal information may be blacked out for reasons of privacy.

The boat ramp maintenance permit fee is $15, available from a license agent or at Fish and Wildlife’s Internet sales site,

Residents 70 years and older are not required to obtain a boat ramp maintenance permit and need no license, but must affix to their window proof of age, such as a former license displaying your date of birth.

  1. Round Valley Angler Access
  2. Assunpink
  3. Dennis Creek
  4. Tuckahoe
  5. Mad Horse Creek
  6. Union Lake
  7. Menantico Ponds
  8. Prospertown Lake

Create Your Own WMA Map

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has a Web-based tool called NJ-GeoWeb. Those with Internet access can create maps for any Wildlife Management Area. NJ-GeoWeb provides a wealth of other environmental information, too!

This interactive program is updated on a regular basis so most of the latest information is available.

To access NJ-GeoWeb, go to the DEP’s website at Click on “Launch NJ - GeoWeb, then GeoWeb Profile.

Those without Internet access can request a specific wildlife management area by calling 609-984-0547.