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New Jersey

Freshwater Fishing

License, Permits & Fees

Licenses and fishing-related permits are valid from date of purchase to Dec. 31 of each year.


Resident Fishing

Ages 16–64 yrs.$22.50 (Buddy License* $11.75)

Senior Resident Fishing

Ages 65–69 yrs. $12.50 70 & over Free

Resident Trout Stamp

Ages 16–69 yrs.$10.50

Non-resident Fishing

Age 16 yrs. and older $34 (Buddy License* $17.50) Non-resident Trout Stamp $20 Non-resident 2-Day Vacation Fishing $9 Non-resident 7-Day Vacation Fishing $19.50

All-Around Sportsman

(includes resident fishing, firearm hunting and bow/arrow hunting licenses)$72.25 (Buddy License* $62.50)


Boat Ramp Permit $15 Available online or through license agents
Water Lowering, Fish Stocking, Baitfish Collecting, Fish Tagging Permits $2
Scientific Collecting Permits $22 Available through the Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries (908) 236-2118
Commercial Snapping Turtles and Frog Permits Available through the Trenton Office (609) 984-0530