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New Hampshire



Fish & Game Department

NH Fish and Game Department Logo

State of New Hampshire

Christopher T. Sununu, Governor

Scott R. Mason, Executive Director

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department

11 Hazen Drive • Concord, New Hampshire 03301

Important Telephone Numbers

Law Enforcement

Dispatch - (603) 271-3361

Hunting Laws - (603) 271-3127

To Report Violations 24 Hours A Day

Operation Game Thief - 1-800-344-4262


Off Highway Recreational Vehicle (laws/education) - (603) 271-3129

N.H. Fish and Game

Headquarters - (603) 271-3421

Executive Director’s Office - (603) 271-3511

Regional Offices

Region 1: Lancaster - (603) 788-3164

Region 2: New Hampton - (603) 744-5470

Region 3: Durham - (603) 868-1095

Region 4: Keene - (603) 352-9669

Law Enforcement Districts

District 1

Region 1, 629B Main St.
Lancaster, NH 03584
(603) 788-3164
Lt. Mark W. Ober

District 2

Region 2, Box 417

New Hampton, NH 03256

(603) 744-5470
Lt. Bradley R. Morse

District 3

Region 2, Box 417

New Hampton, NH 03256

(603) 744-5470
Lt. James E. Kneeland

District 4

Region 4,
15 Ash Brook Court
Keene, NH 03431
(603) 352-9669
Lt. William Boudreau

District 5

Fish and Game HQ
11 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-3361
Lt. Adam P. Cheney

District 6

Region 3, 225 Main St.
Durham, NH
(603) 868-1095
Lt. Delayne Brown

Fish and Game Commissioners

The numbers on this page are the home phone numbers of Fish and Game Commissioners. Please use discretion with the timing of your calls. For emergency calls after hours, call N.H. State Police or your local police. Questions about N.H. hunting laws go to (603) 271-3127.

Belknap County
Marc Lachance
(603) 722-0509

Carroll County
Susan Price
(603) 387-1331

Cheshire County
John Caveney
(802) 254-1535

Jim Titone
(603) 394-5794

Coos County
Eric G. Stohl
(603) 237-4206

Grafton County
Paul W. DeBow
(603) 481-2479

Hillsborough County
Ray Green
(603) 673-2024

Merrimack County
Christopher Hodgdon
(603) 746-1000

Rockingham County
Meggan Hodgson
(603) 418-5983

Strafford County
Albert DeRosa
(978) 314-5193

Sullivan County
Bruce Temple
(603) 543-0519

Bear Hunting

Hunters are asked to refrain from shooting sows with cubs. Sows and cubs remain together as a family unit for approximately 18 months, and events that interrupt that process can have negative effects. The survivability of orphaned cubs is highly variable and is influenced by cub size, condition and the availability of natural foods. These family groups are recognized during fall by the sow leading cubs that are within immediate proximity. Being more conservative in your harvest may significantly decrease cub orphaning and will help safeguard both bears and bear hunting in the future.

Hunters are encouraged to visit for more information on proper bear hunting techniques.

Hunt for the Hungry

Hunt for the Hungry, a cooperative program of the New Hampshire Food Bank in Manchester and N.H. Fish and Game, enables you to donate part or all of your kill to help feed the hungry in our communities. The N.H. Food Bank provides food to more than 400 agencies, food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, elderly services, and group homes. For information or to make a donation, call the N.H. Food Bank at (603) 669-9725.

Loss of Hunting Privileges

Anyone found guilty of violating any Fish and Game hunting regulation or trespass may lose his/her hunting privileges for a minimum of one year. A NH hunting license suspension could result in a hunting license suspension in other states.

Help Protect Nongame Wildlife

When you buy your license, consider adding a donation to N.H. Fish and Game’s Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program. Work related to nongame species and their habitats helps many other wildlife species, including those you like to hunt!

Donate online at:

Other Wildlife

There is no restriction in New Hampshire on the taking of woodchucks, porcupines, English sparrows, European starlings, common feral pigeons, red squirrels, and other rodents not covered in this publication. All other birds not specifically covered in this digest are protected by New Hampshire or federal law and may not be taken. For more information on nongame and endangered wildlife, look for the N.H. Wildlife Action Plan at