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License & Tag Requirements

License Requirements

Any person 12 years of age or older who hunts game birds or mammals in Nevada is required to have a hunting license.

(Refer to NRS 502.010)

Youths 14 years and older who possess a valid license and have received parental permission may hunt unaccompanied.

(Refer to NRS 202.300)

- If a youth younger than 18 is applying for a license to hunt, the youth’s parent or legal guardian must sign the application acknowledging that they have been advised of the provisions in NRS 41.472.

(Refer to NRS 502.060)

Options For Returning A Tag And Refunds Of Hunting Fees

A person who successfully draws a tag has seven days to electronically return their tag to the Department.

Tags can be returned to the Department up to the day before the start of the hunt for bonus point restoration.

Tag return form can be found on our website at If you have questions or need assistance, please call 855-542-6369.

Tags returned to the Department will be issued to an available alternate, made available in the second draw, and finally available for purchase in the First-Come, First-Served program.

(Refer to NAC 502.4215)

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a hunter’s inability to hunt on a tag, that person can choose to defer that tag to the next year’s season or receive a restoration of bonus points.

(Refer to NAC 502.422)

Tag holders who are diagnosed as terminally ill can choose to transfer their tag to certain family members.

(Refer to NAC 502.422)

An applicant who is unsuccessful in the big game draw may return the purchased hunting license for a refund if the license was purchased solely to apply for a tag. Bonus points will not be awarded if a license is returned.

(Refer to NAC 502.4225)

Tags can be transferred to individuals meeting specific criteria through a non-profit organization. Visit for more info.

(Refer to AB 89/CGR501)

Social Security Number

Laws regarding child support mandate that any person who is required by federal law to have a social security number must provide the number to obtain a business, occupational, or recreational license. Federal Law – 42 U.S. Code § 666; Nevada Statute.

(Refer to NRS 502.063, 503.5833, 504.390)

Possession and Display of License

Every person required to have a license while hunting, trapping, or fishing shall have that license in their possession and available for inspection upon demand of any officer authorized to enforce the fish and game laws of the state of Nevada.

(Refer to NRS 502.120)

Party Hunts and Bonus Points

Party hunt members are able to return their party tag to the Department but will not receive their bonus points back unless all members of the party also return their tags to the department.