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Elk Incentive Tags

Special incentive tags are awarded to landowner applicants as an incentive to support, rather than deter, elk on private land in Nevada. Any owner, lessee, or manager of private land who wishes to participate in the program may enter into an agreement with the Department that specifies how the landowner will support and enhance elk on private land, identify needed improvements to private land that may be beneficial to elk, and provides that the landowner will agree to provide reasonable public access to adjacent public lands.

Landowners or hunters who are interested in the elk incentive tag program may contact the Nevada Department of Wildlife Headquarters at (775) 688-1507 for more information.

Landowner Damage Compensation Tags

An owner, lessee, or manager of private land in this state may apply to the Department for the issuance of deer or antelope tags for compensation for damage caused by these animals. These tags can be used by the owner, lessee, or manager if he holds a valid Nevada hunting license or the tag(s) can be sold to any holder of a valid Nevada Hunting license at any price mutually agreed upon. Any landowner, lessee, or manager of private land or any hunter wanting more information on this program should call (775) 688-1507. Please visit the “Incentive and Compensation Maps” page on the NDOW website ( for more information.

Weed-Free Hay

The National Forest System requires weed-free hay on all National Forest Systems lands within the state of Nevada. A list of weed-free hay producers and vendors is available on the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s website at: Click on the “noxious weeds” section under the “plant” heading.