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BLM Information

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Nevada encourages hunters to call in advance of hunting season to find out if land management practices will be conducted during the hunting season. While BLM field offices are aware of hunting seasons, some management activities, such as prescribed burns, wild horse gathers, road closures or fire restrictions may temporarily disrupt hunting activities.

Call Before You Hunt

If possible, call the appropriate BLM office before you send in your hunt area requests. That way you may avoid an area that may have some access restrictions or other changes because of management activities. It’s a good idea to call BLM just before the hunt to find out if any unplanned restrictions from fire or emergency wild horse gathers are in effect.

  • Battle Mountain District Office (775) 635-4000
  • Carson City District Office (775) 885-6000
  • Elko District Office (775) 753-0200
  • Ely District Office (775) 289-1800
  • Southern Nevada District Office (702) 515-5000
  • Winnemucca District Office (775) 623-1500

Responsible Hunting in Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs)

Some units contain BLM lands designated as wilderness or wilderness study areas. Motor vehicle use—trucks, ATVs and motorcycles—is not allowed unless signs are placed to indicate a designated route. The motorized vehicle rule extends to mechanized vehicles such as game carriers, which are also not allowed in these areas. Hand-held GPS units are allowed.

Responsible Off-Highway Vehicle Use

There has been a big increase in the use of OHVs by hunters. While most areas of the public lands are designated as open to OHV use, cross-country travel on OHVs is causing unnecessary damage to habitat that wildlife depend on. OHV riders are asked to stay on existing roads and trails. If it is necessary to drive off roads to retrieve and pack out harvested game, hunters are asked to use care and avoid creating new routes.