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Welcome to 2022-23 Nevada Fishing

2022 Nevada Fishing Regulations Cover
Fish and Wildlife Director

The passion and fervor conjured by something so simple as a person and a fish being briefly connected by a rod, line, and hook is astonishing. But is the connection really that simple? Many of us have deeply meaningful fishing memories, whether it be finally landing that whopper or seeing the wonder and overwhelming gratification on a child’s face as they reel in their first fish. There’s just something special about how people from all across this state—using an abundance of different methods on an incredibly diverse selection of bodies of water—can all gain similar satisfaction from the art of fishing.

Fishing isn’t just about what nature gives us, though; it’s also about what we give in return. Our relationship with the fish—and all animals in this great state—is so deeply reciprocal. Time spent fishing with family, friends, or even just in the solace and company of Mother Nature is a great gift, and we must return this gift to nature by doing things like practicing leave-no-trace ethics, ensuring sustainable fishing methods, and respecting and enjoying the catch.

Speaking of enjoying the catch, as more and more people rely on sourcing their own sustainable, local, and organic food sources from nature, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite recipes for preparing and cooking wild-caught Nevada gamefish; check out that story on Trout to Table. We’re also embracing travel this year with an article about RV-friendly fishing spots along Interstate 80 on RV-friendly Fishing Spots, and helping those interested in learning how to fly fish to select their gear on A Foray Into Fly Fishing. Plus, flip to The Wild East of the Wild West for an article about one of southeastern Nevada’s most-historic fishing locales.

I hope this issue provides a wealth of helpful information that inspires your next Nevada fishing adventure. And while you’re out there, remember everything that nature gives us. What will you give back?

Tony Wasley

Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife