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Welcome to 2021-22 Nevada Fishing

What is it about fishing? What lies inside us and compels us to use a hook and line to pursue what lurks beneath the surface of the water? For some of us it has been a lifelong desire to get outside and go fishing. For others, it is a relatively new craving. The benefits are multiple. Outdoor relaxation, exercise, stress relief, healthy food, and simply enjoying nature. Sometimes those things are part of the drive to go fishing, but for many of us there remains something deeper and more visceral. For me, it’s all about anticipation. The anticipation is almost always present. I anticipate about all aspects of the fishing event. I anticipate the temperature, the scenery, the cast, the bite, the fight, the quarry, and the post-event satisfaction, fatigue, and meal, when warranted. I have given considerable thought to what inspires me to fish. Why do I enjoy fishing or even contemplating the adventure? Anticipation. This year’s Fishing Guide contains a wealth of information to fuel your anticipations. There is a section that shares everything that one needs to pursue trout in the high lakes above Lake Tahoe, an article highlighting the recent recovery of the fishery at Wildhorse Reservoir, and a how-to article detailing the unique opportunities created by kayak fishing. In addition to those three articles, this Fishing Guide contains regional stocking reports along with detailed fishable water maps from each of the state’s three regions. Perhaps the most useful tool in anticipating your next fishing adventure can be found on Regional Fish Stocking Reports of this guide. This page highlights the new FishNV mapping tool that is an interactive program that helps you learn where fishable waters are located, which species of fish can be caught in those waters, and the record for each species found in those waters. There is nothing that stirs my anticipation quite like the tease of a new water, adventure of an unknown outcome, or capturing a new species record for a given water. Enjoy all the 2021 Fishing Guide has to offer, let your past experiences and future desires fuel your fishing anticipations, get out there and never lose touch.

Tony Wasley

Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife