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Turkey Hunting Licenses

Obtain a License

The following licenses are available at all FWP offices, FWP website, and FWP license providers throughout the state. Exception: special licenses may only be applied for online or at an FWP office.





$4 Resident 10-17, 62+ $8 Resident 18-61
$10 Nonresident

Required prerequisite

Base Hunting License

$10 Resident $15 Nonresident

Required prerequisite for hunting.


$6.50 Resident each
$115 Nonresident each OR $57.50 each to Nonresident

holders of an Upland Game Bird license.

Upland Game Bird

$3.75 youth (12-17), Resident senior (62+) & disabled $7.50 Resident
$110 Nonresident
$55 nonresident youth (*12-17)

Special License - Drawing Only

$5 Resident/ Nonresident non- refundable drawing fee.

Must apply online or over- the-counter at an FWP office on or before March 12 for spring licenses - see page 3.

* some 10 and 11 year olds, certified as an apprentice are also eligible.


A turkey hunter may hold up to 12 wild turkey licenses per year. This may include:

  • 1 General Turkey License valid statewide (except for a portion of Region 4) for male turkey in the spring and either-sex turkey in the fall;
  • 1 Regional Turkey License in each of Regions 1, 2, 5 & 7 valid for male turkey in the spring and either-sex turkey in the fall (Region 5 license only valid in the spring);
  • 1 Female or Beardless Turkey License in Region 1;
  • 4 Female or Beardless Turkey Licenses valid in Missoula and and Mineral counties;
  • 1 Spring Special Drawing Turkey License in Region 4.