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Pelahatchie Bay Alligator Season May 2023

An alligator hunting season will be opened on Pelahatchie Bay on the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Applications must be submitted via beginning at 10 a.m. Feb 1 through 10 a.m. Feb 8, 2023. Applicants must be residents at least 16 years old and possess a valid prerequisite hunting license to apply. Applicants will apply with a partner. If drawn, both persons will be permitted and must hunt from the same vessel. The application is free. There is an electronic processing fee. A valid email address is required and drawn winners will be notified by email on or about Feb. 14, 2023. Drawn applicants will have until noon Feb. 16 to purchase their permit via the link in the email notification. A second drawing will occur on Feb. 21, if necessary, to issue any unpurchased permits. There will be 12 permit holders selected for each of two hunting periods, May 5-7 and May 12-14. Permit holders will be allowed to harvest two alligators over 6 feet long. The permit cost is $100 plus a $25 Alligator Hunting License. All helpers in the hunting party age 16 or older must possess an Alligator Hunting License. For more information, go to

Pelahatchie Bay Alligator Hunt Zone - May 2023

Map of Pelahatchie Bay Alligator Hunt Zone - May 2023