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Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing

Angler Education - Exciting New Products

Angler Education: New Youth Saltwater Fishing Field Guide and Videos!

Are you ready to get your kids started in saltwater fishing? The angler education team at DMF has been hard at work creating a new program that will help you and your family learn the skills to be successful recreational saltwater anglers for years to come. Massachusetts is home to some of the world’s best recreational fisheries, and with so many access points along the coastline, anglers of all skills and ability can enjoy this thrilling sport! The “Take Me Saltwater Fishing” program provides adults with the tips, tools, and trainings needed to plan a successful saltwater fishing trip with your kids.

The NEW Youth Saltwater Fishing Field Guide is a comprehensive workbook designed to help kids build skills in saltwater fishing step by step. Starting with tackle, adults and kids alike will learn the basics of picking the appropriate fishing rod, the difference between lures and bait, and simple checklists of packing gear for a fishing day along the coast. The Angler skills section teaches you how to rig your tackle, choose and tie successful fishing knots, and strategies for casting a line from a pier, shoreline, or boat. This guide will not only give you tips on how to get started in saltwater fishing, but will help you learn to keep Massachusetts coastal waters healthy and full for generations to come.

The guide was built to be a companion during the first few months of your saltwater fishing experience, so it includes a fishing logbook in the back. Encouraging kids to journal their daily fishing experiences builds confidence, skills, and is a great way to celebrate and remember those first few fishing trips. A youth-focused fish ID section introduces nine common species with fun facts, bait and tackle suggestions, and strategies for safely reeling and releasing fish through responsible angler checklists. Finally, a page dedicated to visiting a tackle shop will help kids feel empowered and comfortable when purchasing gear and asking for recommendations!

For visual learners, the program includes companion videos on our YouTube channel that go into greater detail on the some of the concepts presented in the pages of the guide. Videos include: how to tie knots, rigging your tackle, learning to cast, fishing from a pier and shore. and responsible angling. Not just for kids, these videos will help any adults just getting into the sport visualize proper technique and practice their skills – no previous fishing experience is necessary to get you and your family out enjoying the surf and all the exciting species of saltwater fish available!

With the desire to continue increasing access to this sport, Angler Education is excited to offer free gear loan programs, perfect for small groups to borrow fishing rods and tackle for a clinic or event. Taking away the burden of needed a financial start-up supports a stress-free introduction to the sport and allows groups to try out gear before any purchases are made. Angler Education is excited to start building relationships with camps, clubs, scouts, afterschool, and family groups who are excited to get out there and get saltwater fishing! For full program details and contacts, please visit our website at:

Top: Screenshot from one of the many new DMF Angler Education Youtube videos

Bottom: The cover of the new saltwater fishing field guide and a shot of one of the inside pages