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Greetings Hunters and Trappers:

I am pleased to welcome you to another season of hunting and trapping in Maryland!

Maryland remains one of the most remarkable and varied landscapes in the country. Our unique geography offers a wonderful variety of habitats which means world-class outdoor recreation and hunting opportunities. From the salt marshes of the Lower Eastern Shore, a hunter can find ducks in the morning and listen to sika deer bugle in the evening. A short drive to the Upper Shore and our fabled Canada geese are king. Central Maryland puts you in a treestand with access to some of the largest whitetail deer in the eastern United States. While our Southern Maryland counties boast furbearers and upland game, Western Maryland is home to mountain terrain where hard work will land you a gobbler on the roost or perhaps even the chance to pursue a black bear.

Whether your interest is in the marsh, field or forest, Maryland has many things to offer! Please enjoy your time afield this season and remember to share your stories with us and others. And consider introducing someone new so we can keep this important heritage alive for years to come. Have a wonderful and safe season and enjoy your travels across our great landscape!

Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio,

Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Greetings Maryland Hunters and Trappers:

The 2021–2022 hunting year greets us with the usual excitement associated with pursuing our favorite outdoor opportunities. However, the arrival of this season is no-doubt punctuated by the fact that we are now able to share hunting camp with friends and family.

History and our annual hunter surveys prove that one of the primary reasons many of us engage in outdoor pursuits is the chance to spend time with family and friends. Indeed some of the richest relationships we enjoy today were borne of past days in the field and nights in camp. Sitting around a camp listening to the crackling fire and tales of the hunt create memories that heighten the anticipation of future hunts. This year should be one of the most anticipated in recent history.

We remain fortunate to have some of the finest public and private land hunting opportunities in the region. Despite the difficult circumstances of the past year, our team successfully completed those land management and habitat projects that provide hunting opportunities and support wildlife populations on our public lands.

We also implemented new programs to allow hunters safe and convenient ways to access hunting opportunities across the state. One of the highlights of that effort was the development of the virtual riparian blindsite program. This project allowed thousands of waterfowl hunters the chance to reserve a waterfowl hunting site without the risk of meeting in-person and the convenience of booking a site from home. Nothing was easy about the past year but our team pressed on and I am personally proud of their efforts and successes.

The difficult days of the past year are behind us and a season of fun and excitement awaits. Make the time to get out and enjoy the remarkable opportunities offered in Maryland.

I wish you a safe and successful season afield!

Paul A. Peditto,

Director of the Maryland Wildlife & Heritage Service