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State Records

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Atlantic Coast Division

Albacore (longfin) 74.0 lbs. Victor W. Gardner II 7/17/2004
Atlantic Cod 24.0 lbs. Fred Brungart 5/31/2013
Atlantic Spadefish 11.4 lbs. Noel Lohr 9/2/2004
Atlantic Tripletail 11.0 lbs. Don Whittington 10/19/2019
Black Seabass 8.0 lbs. Hayward Madison 6/1/1978
Bluefish 23.5 lbs. Lillian Morris 10/30/1974
Cobia 94.6 lbs. Emma Zajdel 6/30/2016
Dolphinfish 74.5 lbs. Kristy Frashure 8/16/2019
Drum, Black 79.0 lbs. Stanley Ilyes 9/7/1985
Drum, Red* 70.0 lbs. Robert Light 9/24/1977
False Albacore 22.5 lbs. Kevin Sheckells 6/25/1995
Florida Pompano 3.0 lbs. Vacant
Flounder, Summer 17.0 lbs. Anthony Vacari 10/3/1974
Flounder, Winter 5.1 lbs. Kevin Twilley 6/23/2015
Gray Triggerfish 6.0 lbs. Logan Liddick 9/25/2020
King Mackerel 47.0 lbs. Gerald Kauffman 10/18/1985
Kingfish 2.5 lbs. Grace Walker 10/1/1975
Marlin, Blue 1,062.0 lbs. Robert Farris 8/7/2009
Porgy 6.2 lbs. Pearl Hopple 7/4/1966
Shark, Black Tip 193.0 lbs. Brian Zysk 8/4/1991
Shark, Blue 280.0 lbs. Martin Waltman 9/13/1997
Shark, Dogfish, Smooth 15.3 lbs. Gregg Bacchien 5/22/1993
Shark, Dogfish, Spiny 11.5 lbs. Meyels Sampson 5/17/1993
Shark, Dusky* 469.0 lbs. Jim Liberto 7/1/1982
Shark, Great White* 467.0 lbs. Jack Holmes 6/11/1992
Shark, Hammerhead, Scalloped 266.5 lbs. Scott Cusick 8/8/2012
Shark, Hammerhead, Smooth 375.0 lbs. George Wilson Ford V 6/17/2004
Shark, Shortfin Mako 876.0 lbs. Jim Hughes 6/20/2009
Shark, Sand Tiger* 334.0 lbs. Billy Leidner 9/8/1983
Shark, Sandbar* 235.0 lbs. Mark Sampson 7/8/1983
Shark, Thresher 642.0 lbs. Brent Applegit 6/19/2009
Shark, Tiger 1,210.0 lbs. Grace Czerniak 7/9/1983
Sheepshead 18.0 lbs. Robert Martin 9/22/2017
Snowy Grouper 66.0 lbs. Gregory Benn 7/30/2012
Spotted Seatrout 13.0 lbs. Jack Miller 8/21/1973
Striped Bass 57.2 lbs. Gary Smith 5/6/2006
Swordfish 300.0 lbs. Vacant
Tautog 28.8 lbs. Kenneth Westerfeld 1/2/2015
Tilefish, Blueline 20.0 lbs. Robert Purcell 9/12/2012
Tilefish, Golden 62.0 lbs. Steve Doctor 10/22/2009
Tuna, Bigeye 375.5 lbs. Cecil Browne 8/26/1977
Tuna, Blackfin 32.0 lbs. Bob Zang 9/20/1998
Tuna, Bluefin 625.0 lbs. James Daniels, IV 8/3/1975
Tuna, Yellowfin 236.5 lbs. Mark Bennett 9/22/2002
Wahoo 131.0 lbs. John Schaar 6/30/2014
Weakfish 16.0 lbs. Donald Cannon 9/11/1976
White Hake 16.7 lbs. Brian Gay 5/16/2019
White Marlin 135.0 lbs. George Pierson 8/29/1980
White Perch 1.7 lbs. Ryan Timmons 7/30/2016

Chesapeake Bay Division

Atlantic Spadefish 10.0 lbs. Charlie Barron 7/15/2007
Bluefish 22.0 lbs. Thomas R. Talbott 5/8/1991
Bluefish 22.0 lbs. Ronald Raffo 5/31/1986
Bluefish 22.0 lbs. John Davidson 10/18/1979
Carp 44.4 lbs. Jimmy Lake 4/28/1978
Catfish, Channel 29.6 lbs. Kevin Kern 4/26/1997
Catfish, White 9.6 lbs. Brian Dvorak 6/3/2018
Chain Pickerel 6.5 lbs. James Grant 5/19/1965
Cobia 97.8 lbs. John Scheifele 9/12/1969
Crappie 4.0 lbs. Sid Stollings 3/30/2007
Croaker 6.5 lbs. Russell Knapp 9/4/2006
Drum, Black 103.5 lbs. Robert Messik Jr. 9/23/1973
Drum, Red* 74.4 lbs. Earnest Hutchinson 5/15/1977
Florida Pompano 5.05 lbs. David D. Schrock 9/6/2020
Flounder, Summer 15.0 lbs. Kenneth Grimes 10/14/1978
Hickory Shad 4.0 lbs. John Schaeffer Jr. 7/23/1971
Largemouth Bass 11.2 lbs. Justin Riley 1/26/2008
Longnose Gar 18.3 lbs. Samson Matthews 3/2/2020
Norfolk Spot 2.0 lbs. Parlett Moore 9/5/1978
Rock Bass 1.0 lb. Timothy A. Adams 5/4/1997
Sheepshead 14.1 lbs. Daniel Mastronardi, Jr. 8/9/2020
Smallmouth Bass 6.0 lbs. Charles Janes 7/23/1979
Spanish Mackerel 12.4 lbs. Dean Mitchell 10/6/2007
Spotted Seatrout 16.4 lbs. John Phillips 5/15/1977
Striped Bass 67.5 lbs. Devin Nolan 5/13/1995
Tautog 9.0 lbs. Gary Halbeisen 10/29/2005
Weakfish 16.5 lbs. Wayne Lappe 5/8/1979
White (American) Shad* 8.1 lbs. Vance Carter 5/3/1975
White Perch 2.6 lbs. Sid Stollings 5/18/1979
Yellow Perch 2.2 lbs. Niles Pethel 11/21/1979

Nontidal Division

Bluegill 3.4 lbs. Sarah Brenneman 8/9/1998
Carp 47.5 lbs. Wayne Longenecker 6/11/1997
Catfish, Bullhead 4.9 lbs. Nick Palese 5/18/2019
Catfish, Channel 27.9 lbs. Steven Trent Abell 7/5/2004
Catfish, White 7.0 lbs. Vacant
Chain Pickerel 8.0 lbs. Lee Haile III 1/2/2015
Crappie, Black 4.4 lbs. Jason D. Morrison 5/30/2004
Fallfish 2.1 lbs. Adam Aghion 3/20/2019
Largemouth Bass 11.4 lbs. Colton Lambert 7/31/2013
Muskellunge 32.5 lbs. Tessa Cosens 5/6/2017
Northern Pike 24.8 lbs. Shawn Jacobson 10/16/1999
Redbreast Sunfish 0.8 lbs. Vacant
Redear Sunfish 2.3 lbs. Vittie Alkocius 6/4/1985
Rock Bass 1.5 lbs. Earl Jenkins IV 3/22/2010
Smallmouth Bass 8.3 lbs. Gary Peters 10/4/1974
Striped Bass 47.1 lbs. Robert Bruce 9/14/2000
Tiger Muskellunge 29.3 lbs. Kevin Conner 2/14/1997
Trout, Brook 6.1 lbs. Mike Fiorita, Jr. 4/10/1999
Trout, Brown 18.2 lbs. Gary Kuhn 8/3/2001
Trout, Cutthroat 7.6 lbs. David G. Martin 5/20/2000
Trout, Rainbow 14.2 lbs. Dave Schroyer 10/21/1987
Walleye 14.3 lbs. John McCarley 5/16/1998
Warmouth 0.7 lbs. Dezi Collins 6/11/2018
White Perch 1.9 lbs. George Venker 4/7/2017
Yellow Perch 3.3 lbs. Philip Deere IV 3/12/2006
*Not currently accepting new state records for this species due to regulations

Sport Fish State Records

Rules and Procedures The department maintains sport fish state records and awards a plaque to an angler whose catch exceeds the current state record or establishes a new species category. Positive identification of the species of fish is mandatory for consideration of state record applications. The catch must be inspected in person by a department fisheries biologist. Immerse the fish in ice water until it can be weighed in order to preserve the weight. Call 443-569-1398 or 410-260-8300 to report a potential state record catch. You must submit a state record application within two weeks of the date you catch the fish. State record fish are determined by weight. Most fishing tackle shops do not have certified scales, so call ahead. Other establishments that sell products by weight such as a grocery, deli or shipping store may have a certified scale and be willing to help. Except for fish in the Invasive Division, all fish must be legally caught with rod and reel during its open season. From the time that a fish strikes or takes a bait or lure, the angler must hook and fight the fish without the aid of any other person. The reel must be operated manually. Once the leader is brought to the rod tip, more than one person is permitted to help land the fish. Fish designated as eligible for the Invasive Division (currently northern snakehead, blue catfish and flathead catfish) can be caught and kept by all legal recreational fishing gear including rod and reel, bow and spear. Fish caught from privately-owned fee fishing waters are not eligible for record consideration. The fish must be considered trophy sized, commonly available and sought after for the department to consider opening a new species category for recognition. Thresholds for trophy size are established by the department using the best data available to create a benchmark weight. The department reserves the right to investigate the methods used in catching the fish and the accuracy of measuring and weighing. It also reserves the right to reject any application based on the results of the investigation.

State Records

All potential state record fish will be reviewed under the official rules. For state records rules and procedures, go to: