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Blue Crabs—Atlantic


April 1–Dec. 31.

Harvest Restrictions

  • There are no license or registration requirements, but gear must be marked with owners name and address.
  • There are no time of day restrictions.
  • The taking of sponge crabs is prohibited.

Minimum Size Limits
(measured from tip to tip of spikes)

  • Hard crabs—5 inches.
  • Soft crabs—3½ inches.
  • Peeler crabs
    • April 1–July 14—3¼ inches.
    • July 15–Dec. 31—3½ inches.
  • Mature female crabs—no minimum size.

Recreational Crabbing Daily Catch Limits

The daily catch limit in the waters of the coastal bays of the Atlantic Ocean and their tidal tributaries is:

  • One bushel per person.
  • Two bushels per boat if two or more individuals are on the boat.

It is Legal

To crab in the coastal bays of Maryland’s Atlantic Ocean and coastal tributaries using:

  • No more than 600 feet of baited trotline, with floats of the same color, size and shape attached to each end; or
  • No more than two 600-foot trotlines if two or more persons are in the boat; or
  • Dip nets and any number of handlines; or
  • Seines with mesh no greater than 1/4" that do not exceed 50' in width and 5' in height that is emptied from shore, or
  • No more than 10 or a combination of 10 collapsible crab traps or crab net rings per person from docks, piers, bridges, boats or shoreline; or
  • No more than 25, or a combination of 25, collapsible crab traps or crab net rings, if two or more persons are in a boat.

For waterfront property owners to set a maximum of two crab pots at their property, provided that:

  • Pots are marked with the owner’s name and address or DNRid; and
  • Crab pots must have two cull rings, one measuring at least 23⁄16 inches and one at least 25⁄16 inches, located in the exterior side panel or the top panels of the pot.
  • Crab pots must have a turtle reduction device attached to each entrance or funnel in the lower chamber constructed of wire or plastic, rectangular in shape not larger than 1¾ inches high by 4¾ inches long.
Diagram Showing How to Measure a Blue Crab