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Atlantic Seasons, Sizes, & Limits


Minimum Size Limits


Creel Limit


American Eel

9 inches January 1–August 31, except open year round for spears and baited traps or pots Daily—25

Black Drum

16 inches Open Year Round Daily—1 Boat limit—6

Black Sea Bass

12.5 inches May 15–December 31 Daily—15


8 inches Open Year Round Shore or Private Boat: Daily—3
For-Hire Boat: Daily—5


40 inches June 15 - September 15 1 cobia per person per day; or up to 2 cobia per vessel per day if there are 2 or more individuals on the vessel

Croaker (Hardhead)

9 inches Open Year Round Daily—25

Dolphinfish (Mahi-Mahi)*

None Open Year Round Daily—10 Boat limit—60 Only applies to federal waters.

Grouper Species

None Open Year Round Daily—1 Grouper species—


33⁄8–5¼ inches
carapace length
CLOSED Feb. 1–March 31 100/person/24 hour period or 500 for a 5-day or longer trip when using gear other than lobster traps Must be landed whole. Spearing is prohibited. No egg-bearing females.

Red Drum (Channel Bass or Puppy Drum)

18–27 inches Open Year Round Daily—1

Scup (Porgy)

8 inches Open Year Round Daily—50


See Highly Migratory Species


None Open Year Round Daily—4

Snapper Species (includes many species, please see list)

None Open Year Round Daily—20 Snapper species—

Spanish Mackerel*

14 inches Open Year Round Daily—15


None Open Year Round Daily—50

Spotted Seatrout

14 inches Open Year Round Daily—4

Striped Bass

See Atlantic Striped Bass

Summer Flounder (Fluke)

16.5 inches Open Year Round Daily—4


16 inches CLOSED May 16–June 30 January 1–May 15: Daily—4
July 1–October 31: Daily—2
November 1–December 31: Daily—4

Tilefish (Blueline, Golden, Sand)

Must follow federal limits and season permit and reporting requirements


None Open Year Round Daily—2 Only applies to federal waters.


13 inches Open Year Round Daily—1

Alewife Herring, American Shad, Atlantic Sturgeon, Blueback Herring, Hickory Shad and Shortnose Sturgeon