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Welcome to 2022-23 Maryland Fishing

2022 Maryland Fishing & Crabbing Cover

What's New

2021 State Records:

  • Fallfish (Nontidal)
    2.14 lbs., Broad Creek 4/19/2021,
    Angler: Maxwell Diegel
  • Marlin, Blue (Atlantic)
    1135.0 lbs., 70 miles offshore near Washington Canyon,
    Atlantic Ocean 8/20/2021,
    Angler: Billy Gerlach
  • Swordfish (Atlantic)
    318.5 lbs., 60 miles offshore near
    Poor Man's Canyon,
    Atlantic Ocean 8/6/2021,
    Angler: Jake Bertonazzi
  • Swordfish (Atlantic - previous)
    301.0 lbs., 50 miles offshore near
    Washington Canyon,
    Atlantic Ocean 7/23/2021,
    Angler: Peter Schultz

License Free Fishing Days!

In Maryland, anyone may fish without a recreational fishing license on June 4, June 11, and July 4, 2022.

All other fishing regulations apply.

Did you know?

  • 2021 Records: The Atlantic Swordfish state record was broken twice.
  • You don’t have to have a paper copy of your license with you? Make sure you have an electronic copy (phone or another device) and a photo ID with you when you’re fishing.
  • When you are using bait in tidal waters there are rules about what kind of hooks you must use? See Saltwater Fishing Regulations for details.
  • Alabama bass and spotted bass have been added to the list of species which may not be imported, transported, purchased, possessed, propagated, sold, or released into State waters.
  • You could get your fishing or crabbing privileges suspended if you break the law.
  • There are new rules for brook trout? See Put-and-Take Trout Fishing Areas for more information
  • There is now a 50-fish catch limit for spot in tidal waters.