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Welcome to 2023-24 Maryland Fishing

2023 Maryland Fishing and Crabbing Regulations Cover

License Free Fishing Days!

In Maryland, anyone may fish without a recreational fishing license on June 3, June 10, and July 4, 2023. All other fishing regulations apply.

What's New

2022 State Records

  • Albacore Tuna (Atlantic)
    77.0 lbs.
    Atlantic Ocean 9/22/2022,
    Angler: Thomas "Tad" Bodmer
  • Common Carp (Chesapeake)
    49.0 lbs.
    Susquehanna Flats 6/4/2022,
    Angler: Logan Kuhrmann
  • Muskellunge (Nontidal)
    33.0 lbs.
    Upper Potomac River 3/2/2022,
    Angler: Kyle Mullenix
  • Smooth Dogfish (Atlantic)
    18.0 lbs.
    Isle of Wight shoals southeast of Ocean City 10/22/2022,
    Angler: Fay Ganster
  • Swordfish (Atlantic)
    393.0 lbs.
    Canyons off the coast of Ocean City 9/23/2022,
    Angler: Jeff Jacobs
  • White Perch (Atlantic)
    1.85 lbs.
    Isle of Wight Bay near Ocean City 4/28/2022,
    Angler: Robert “Bob” Hudson