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Welcome to 2024-25 Louisiana Hunting

2024 Louisiana Hunting Regulations Cover

Major Changes for 2024-2025 Hunting Regulations

  1. New Federal Duck Stamp purchasing rules (Licenses & Fees)
  2. Establishing a high water benchmark closure in Deer Area 1 for portions of East Carroll and Madison parishes (Deer Hunting - Area 1)
  3. Clarification of using drones to recover wounded deer or bear (Deer Hunting)
  4. Clarification on use of dogs for trailing and retrieval of deer (Deer Hunting)
  5. Change in Turkey Areas for portions of East Carroll, Madison and Tensas parishes (Turkey Seasons)
  6. Change in what turkeys are legal for harvest and associated bag limits (Turkey Regulations)
  7. Clarification of legal WMA firearm(s) carry and use (Wildlife Management Areas)
  8. Establishing a Limited Use Area on Atchafalaya Delta WMA (Individual WMA Schedules A-K)
  9. Removing the turkey lottery and closure of turkey season on Bayou Macon WMA (Individual WMA Schedules A-K)
  10. Closure of turkey season on Boeuf WMA (Individual WMA Schedules A-K)
  11. Clarification of tournament fishing on Bussey Brake WMA (Individual WMA Schedules A-K)
  12. Establishing a vessel prohibition during waterfowl season on Dewey Wills WMA Catahoula Basin (Individual WMA Schedules A-K)
  13. Closure of all activities on the Pointe Farm unit when youth deer hunt is occurring on Pointe-Aux-Chenes WMA (Individual WMA Schedules L-Z)
  14. Prohibition of motorized vessels prior to and during waterfowl splits on Russell Sage WMA Wham Brake impoundment (Individual WMA Schedules L-Z)