Stewardship Program

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The stewardship program is relatively new in the Division of Fish & Wildlife. The program’s goal is to provide opportunities for all Hoosiers to participate in the conservation of Indiana’s fish, wildlife, and their habitats. Participating in meaningful conservation can look different to different people.

  • Conservation of Indiana’s fish, wildlife, and their habitats is a big task. There is room for every person to make a difference. We know that hunters and trappers value Indiana’s natural resources. Even small acts of conservation such as leaving no trace while hunting or trapping or sharing observations of wildlife you make while in your tree stand can help the Division of Fish & Wildlife better conserve and manage Indiana’s natural resources.
  • All Hoosiers should have an opportunity to express their passion for the outdoors by participating in conservation activities. The stewardship program strives to provide opportunities at local Fish & Wildlife Areas (FWAs) as well as elsewhere across the state through partner activities. Having a variety of activities statewide ensures that any Hoosier can find ways to make a difference.
  • Participation in conservation can take many forms. Hunters and trappers can take advantage of opportunities at their favorite FWA, including: assisting with habitat projects, cleaning up properties, or sharing knowledge and skills during one of our many Learn to Hunt, Trap, & Shoot programs. Hunters and trappers can also share their valuable wildlife observations in several ways. Archery hunters can participate in the fall Archer’s Index, anyone can share observations of turkey broods in the summer, and those with access to private land can participate in Snapshot Indiana.

Welcome to your stewardship program. We are here to provide opportunities that connect you to the places and activities you love.

Visit on.IN.gov/dfwvolunteer for more information.