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Keep Outdoor Spaces Healthy, Beautiful, & Safe

Exploring the many forests, grasslands, fields, wetlands, and other natural features throughout the Hoosier state is a great way to build your relationship with nature and improve your mental health. Get outside and enjoy your favorite place or venture somewhere new. Chances are, there’s a DNR property near you.

While on public land, remember to practice responsible recreation. Keep outdoor spaces healthy, beautiful, and safe for all users as well as for Indiana’s fish and wildlife.

Be prepared and plan ahead. Whether you are hunting, scouting, or just enjoying time, know where you’re going. If you are going to a specific property, but are unsure of the best location for your activities, consider calling the property office to ask. Information for each Fish & Wildlife area can be found at and on Public Hunting Areas.

Along with any activity-specific gear and a trash bag, remember to bring water, hand sanitizer, and paper towels with you. Some outdoor places have trash cans and others do not. Be prepared to carry out trash with you when you leave. Make sure to include discharged cartridge casings and shotgun shells. As a courtesy to others, avoid field dressing your harvest in areas people who are not hunting use often, such as parking lots and paths. Plan to dispose of carcasses in landfills or places other than public lands and waters.

Be safe. While visiting, be sure to follow all posted rules and regulations. If you plan to head out alone, tell someone where you are going. Park in designated areas. When driving through properties, be aware of your speed and watch for other visitors. If you can’t see beyond your target, don’t shoot. If you’re visiting a property during a hunting season, even if you are not hunting, wear hunter orange so that others can see you more easily. During warmer months, use a form of tick prevention as described at

Recreate locally. Commit to visiting a place close to home a few times this year to benefit your overall health. Public land may be closer to you than you think. Find out more with our interactive map at

If you enjoy hunting or trapping, share your passion with someone new. Invite a friend, neighbor, or family member to come along with you to stretch their legs and enjoy nature. Share your memories on social media with us by using #INResponsibleRecreation.