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Kankakee FWA Update

Hunter Feedback Drives Waterfowl Hunting Changes at Kankakee FWA

Survey responses from hunters like you helped bring about waterfowl hunting changes at Kankakee Fish & Wildlife Area for this season.

In 2021, the DNR conducted a hunter survey to gather feedback on how to improve hunter satisfaction at the waterfowl hot spot. The survey was emailed to individuals who purchased a waterfowl stamp last year, and property users could complete the survey at the Kankakee FWA office during the waterfowl season. Most hunters who completed the survey said they wanted to see more birds, have a better waterfowl harvest, and have more flexibility in determining where to hunt.

After reviewing more than 800 responses, Kankakee FWA will do the following regarding waterfowl hunting on the property:

  • Maintain water levels for optimal waterfowl feeding depth
  • Rotate corn units on a three-day rotation
  • Allow corn units to be hunted from ½ hour after sunrise to noon
  • Drop the number of reservation days to eight
  • Drop the number of selected reservations to six
  • Allow hunters to hunt within 30 yards of their blind in certain units

To find more information on Kankakee FWA, including contact information and more specifics on waterfowl procedures, see