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Responsible Recreation

Keep Outdoor Spaces Healthy, Beautiful, & Safe

DNR manages more than 500,000 acres of public land for the benefit of Hoosiers across the state. Miles and miles of Indiana’s lakes, rivers, and streams are waiting to be explored. Come out and enjoy the water. While on the water, remember to practice responsible recreation. Responsible recreation means doing your part to keep outdoor spaces healthy, beautiful, and safe for Hoosiers and Indiana’s fish and wildlife. Be prepared and plan ahead. Know where you’re going. If you are going to a specific property but are unsure of the best location for your activities there, consider calling the property office ahead of time for pointers. If you want to fish but don’t have a specific destination in mind, use our interactive fishing map at to find a spot. Along with any activity-specific gear and a trash bag, remember to bring water, hand sanitizer, and paper towels with you. Some outdoor places have trash cans, and others do not. Be prepared to carry out bait, discarded fishing line, and other trash with you when you leave. Finally, think ahead about an alternative location—if your initial destination is crowded, you need a backup plan. Be safe. While visiting, be sure to follow all posted rules and regulations. Park only in designated areas. When driving through properties, be mindful of your speed. When on the water, remember to wear a personal floatation device. Recreate locally. Commit to visiting a place close to home a few times this year to benefit your overall well-being. If you’d like to find a place to fish close to home, consult our interactive map at You may be surprised to learn about fishing opportunities nearby. If you enjoy fishing, share your passion with someone new. Indiana’s four Free Fishing Days (Fishing Regulations) give Hoosiers the chance to try fishing before buying a license. Invite a friend, neighbor, or family member along with you to stretch their legs and cast their line. Share your memories on social media with us by using #INResponsibleRecreation. Learn more about responsible recreation at and its pledge to practice responsible recreation and support efforts to get people outside, and, we hope, fishing.

Fishing at Summit Lake State Park near New Castle