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Record Fish Program

Two New Records Set in 2020

Dunkan Fischer caught his record redfin pickerel at Coffee Creek Park in Chesterton on July 29. The little giant from the pike family bit on a night crawler that Fischer offered. Despite weighing less than a pound, Fischer’s catch is the first certified record catch of the species. Of the more than 6,600 redfin pickerel collected in DNR surveys dating back to 1960, only one was longer than Fischer’s catch. On June 24, a new skipjack herring record was set for just the second time. Colt Little caught a skipjack measuring nearly 19 inches. Little’s fish broke the previous mark by a wide margin, weighing nearly three times the previous record-holder. That fish was caught in 2017 from the Wabash River in Huntington County. Little also caught his skipjack from the Wabash River, but in Carroll County, using a #9 jointed Rapala. If you think you’ve caught a state record fish, follow the steps below to get it certified:
  • Both weight and length measurements are required for Record Fish entries. The weight measurement must be taken before the fish is frozen, on a scale certified by the State of Indiana to be accurate to 1 ounce. If you can’t find a certified scale at a grocery, hardware, grain store, or propane distributor, call the Indiana Division of Weights and Measures at 317-356-7078 for the nearest location of such a scale.
  • Obtain and submit a copy of the Scale Inspection Report from the owner of the store where the fish is weighed.
  • Submit a photo or printed meat packaging label (if available) showing the weight of the fish and the location where it was weighed.
  • After weighing it, you may gut and ice the fish, but do not fillet it or otherwise cut it up. The fish must be available for inspection and identification and may require verification by a DFW fisheries biologist. It is the responsibility of the angler to schedule a time to have the fish examined by a DFW fisheries biologist.
  • Two witnesses who are not relatives of the angler and who observed the weight and length measurement must sign the entry form (
  • Provide side-view photograph(s) of the fish and a copy of the angler’s fishing license, if you are required by law to have a license.

Indiana Fish Records



Water, County



Atlantic Salmon 14 lb., 4 oz. Lake Michigan (Lake) Gene Tarrant 1979
Bighead Carp 53 lb., 8 oz. White River (Pike) Duane Stafford 2000
Blue Catfish 104 lb. Ohio River Bruce Midkiff 1999
Bluegill 3 lb., 4 oz. Pond (Greene) Harold L. Catey 1972
Bowfin (Dogfish) 16.52 lb. Mutton Creek (Jackson) Paul Huber 2009
Brook Trout 3 lb., 15 1/2 oz. Lake Gage (Steuben) Sonny Bashore 1973
Brown Trout 29.3 lb. Lake Michigan (Lake) Glen Duesing 2006
Buffalo Fish 53.9 lb. Oak Hill Pond (Gibson) Kenneth Houchin 2002
Bullhead 4.9 lb. Potato Creek SP (St. Joseph) Darren Robertson 1994
Burbot 7 lb., 11 oz. Lake Michigan Larry Malicki 1990
Channel Catfish 37 lb., 8 oz. Lake (Vanderburgh) Randy E. Jones 1980
Chinook Salmon 38 lb. Trail Creek (LaPorte) Rich Baker 1980
Coho Salmon 20 lb., 12 oz. Lake Michigan (LaPorte) John Beutner 1972
Common Carp 43 lb., 4 oz. Pike Lake (Kosciusko) Russell Long 1989
Crappie 4 lb., 11 oz. Private Lake (Jennings) Willis Halcomb 1994
Flathead Catfish 79 lb. 8 oz. White River (Lawrence) Glen T. Simpson 1966
Flier 3 1/2 oz. Stream (Jackson) Harold H. Otte 1983
Freshwater Drum 30 lb. White River (Martin) Garland Fellers 1963
Goldeye 2.3 lb. Wabash River (Vermillion) Brock Marietta 2008
Grass Carp 69.0 lb. Pond (Hamilton) Daniel Goss 2018
Green Sunfish 1 lb., 10 oz. Pit (Fountain) Terry Keller 1987
Hybrid Striped Bass 22 lb., 2 oz. Tippecanoe River (Carroll) David G. Coffman 2005
Hybrid Walleye 8 lb., 8 oz. Scottsburg Reservoir (Scott) Doug Young 1999
Lake Trout 37.55 lb. Lake Michigan Tyler Kreighbaum 2016
Lake Whitefish 7.69 lb. Lake Michigan (Porter) Brian Belke 2019
Largemouth Bass 14 lb., 12 oz. Lake (Harrison) Jenifer Schultz 1991
Longnose Gar 22.32 lb. White River/East Fork (Pike) Mark Brittain 2008
Mooneye 0.36 lb. Ohio River (Clark) Gerald Gallagher 2019
Muskellunge 42 lb., 8 oz. James Lake (Kosciusko) Darrin Conley 2002
Northern Pike 30 lb., 2 oz. Clear Lake (Steuben) Jack Barnes 1992
Pink Salmon 2 lb., 12 1/2 oz. Lake Michigan (Lake) Richard J. Lisac 1985
Rainbow Trout 18 lb., 8 oz. Clear Lake (Steuben) Bill Bigger 1988
Redear Sunfish 3 lb., 10 oz. Lake (Brown) R. Peckman 1974
Redfin Pickerel 0.86 lb. Coffee Creek Park Pond (Porter) Dunkan Fischer 2020
Rock Bass 3 lb. Sugar Creek (Hancock) David Thomas 1969
Sauger 6 lb., 1 oz Tippecanoe River (Carroll) Mark Bigger 1983
Shortnose Gar 1.58 lb. Wabash River (Wabash) Lindsey Fleshood 2010
Shovelnose Sturgeon 14 lb., 8 oz. Wabash River (Fountain) Mike Latoz 1999
Silver Carp 15 lb, 8 oz. White River/West Fork (Greene) Daniel Keller 2003
Skipjack Herring 1.53 lb. Wabash River (Carroll) Colt Little 2020
Smallmouth Bass 7 lb., 4 oz. Twin Lake (LaGrange) Dana Yoder 1992
Spotted Bass 5 lb., 5 oz. (Vigo) Larry Hinesley Jr. 2006
Spotted Gar 6.78 lb. Gravel Pit (Vermillion) Nick Waugh 2017
Steelhead Trout 26.62 lb. Trail Creek (LaPorte) Evan Nicholson 1999
Striped Bass 39.08 lb. Cecil M. Harden Lake (Parke) Jonathan VanHook 2010
Sucker 12 lb., 3.3 oz White River (Bartholomew) John Britton 1991
Tiger Muskellunge 24 lb. Wolf Lake (Lake) Michael Senics 1995
Tiger Trout 3 lb. Lake Michigan (Lake) Mike Ratter 1978
Walleye 14 lb., 4 oz. Kankakee River (Lake) Leon Richart 1974
14 lb., 4 oz. Tippecanoe River (Pulaski) Donald Tedford 1977
Warmouth 1.4 lb. North Dugger Pit (Sullivan) Jack Tolbert 2002
White Bass 4 lb., 3 oz. Lake Freeman (Carroll) James Wagner 1965
White Catfish 9.72 lb. Pond (Wabash) Melissa Grimes 1985
Yellow Bass 2 lb., 15 oz. Morse Reservoir (Hamilton) Jim Raymer 2000
Yellow Perch 2 lb., 8 oz. Gravel Pit (Vigo) Roy W. Burkel Jr. 1981