Lake Michigan Regulations

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Lake Michigan & Tributaries Sizes and Limits


Daily Bag Limit

Minimum Size

Atlantic Salmon

5 total salmon and trout

No more than 3 may be lake trout

14 inches for

Lake Michigan,

streams, and

St. Joseph River

Chinook Salmon
Coho Salmon
Pink Salmon
Brown Trout
Lake Trout
Steelhead Trout
Yellow Perch

15 on Lake Michigan only


Lake Whitefish

12 (statewide)


Lake Michigan and its tributaries in Indiana provide a number of fishing opportunities for salmon, trout, perch, whitefish, and other species.

Any trout or salmon taken from the Lake Michigan tributaries defined in this section must be hooked in the mouth. Foul-hooked fish must be returned to the water.

  • The bag limit for yellow perch is 15 while fishing Indiana waters (even if you have a fishing license from a neighboring state).
  • Bowfin, buffalo fish, carp, gar, shad, and sucker from Lake Michigan can be taken with a bow and arrow.
  • A trot line, set line, or throw line cannot be used to take fish from Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan bass regulations can be found on Bass Regulations.

Tributary Restrictions

Possession of a fish spear, gig, gaff, bowfishing equipment, crossbow, grab hook, spear gun, club, snag hook, or underwater spear is prohibited in the following water bodies: in or adjacent to the Galena River (LaPorte County), Trail Creek (LaPorte County), the East Branch of the Little Calumet River (LaPorte and Porter counties), Salt Creek (Porter County), the West Branch of the Little Calumet River (Lake and Porter counties), Burns Ditch (Lake and Porter counties), Deep River downstream from the dam at Camp 133 (Lake County), or the tributaries to these waters.

Hook Restrictions

Fishing with more than one single hook or artificial lure is prohibited in the following waters:

  • Lake Michigan tributaries
  • St. Joseph River and its tributary streams from the Twin Branch Dam downstream to the Michigan state line (St. Joseph County).

Single hooks, including those on artificial lures, cannot exceed ½ inch from point to shank. Double and treble hooks are allowed only on artificial lures and shall not exceed 3/8 inch from point to shank.

St. Joseph River

Special regulations apply to fishing the St. Joseph River and its tributaries from Twin Branch Dam in Mishawaka downstream to the Michigan state line. These regulations include:

  • The minimum size limit for trout and salmon is 14 inches.
  • No fishing is allowed at any time in the East Race Waterway in South Bend. No fishing is allowed within 100 feet of the entrance and exit of the East Race.
  • No fishing is allowed at any time from the fish ladders located on the South Bend or Mishawaka Central Park dams.
  • No fishing is allowed within 100 feet of the entrances and exits of the fish ladders.
  • No fishing is allowed by boat or other watercraft in the St. Joseph River below the South Bend Dam for a distance of 200 feet, and from the Mishawaka Central Park Dam downstream to the Main Street Bridge, Mishawaka.

Tributary Closures

No fishing is allowed within 100 feet upstream of the Trail Creek sea lamprey barrier or downstream to the Pottawattomie Country Club Golf Course property line located adjacent to Springland Avenue in Michigan City.

Fishing is not allowed within 100 feet above or below the Praxair Dam on the East Branch of the Little Calumet River.