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Welcome to 2021-22 Indiana Fishing

Important Updates

Cisco are now a state endangered species under 312 IAC 9-6-9. Cisco can no longer be fished or possessed. Be advised that under IC 14-22-34-12, it is unlawful to take, harass, or possess state endangered species. For additional information on cisco, visit or contact a fisheries biologist (Indiana Contact Lists).

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Cisco: State Endangered

As of December 17, 2020, cisco may not be fished or possessed. Cisco is a coldwater species that is found in a small number of northern Indiana lakes with exceptional water quality. Cisco are small, slender, silver-colored fish. Adult cisco can range in size from 7 inches to 19 inches. To learn more about cisco and other animals, visit

To Our Anglers

Welcome to the 2021 Indiana DNR Fishing Regulations Guide. We hope you find it helpful as you prepare to set out on your next fishing journey.

This guide provides a summary of Indiana fishing regulations. These regulations apply only to fish that originate from or are taken from Indiana's public waters. Fish from public waters that migrate into or from private waters are still covered by these regulations. These regulations do not apply to fish in private waters that did not originate from public waters.

This guide is not intended to be a complete digest of regulations. If you need complete versions of Indiana rules and regulations for fishing, they can be found in Indiana Code ( or in Indiana Administrative Code (

Information in the guide includes bag limits, species identification, license requirements and costs, approved fishing equipment, and more. Any corrections or updates to information published in this guide will be made to the online version at

All funds made from selling Indiana hunting and fishing licenses go directly back to conservation. Your license funds are used for wildlife management and research, habitat management and restoration, land acquisition, public access, shooting ranges, fish stocking, DNR law enforcement, and more. We thank all anglers, hunters, trappers, boaters, and recreational shooters in Indiana for their continued support of the Division of Fish & Wildlife. The funding stream you provide helps make conservation of Indiana’s natural resources a success.

Finally, we wish you luck in your 2021 fishing endeavors. We hope you get your best catch, yet.