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Swan Seasons & Areas

Swan Controlled Hunt Season and Rules

DAILY BAG LIMIT: 1 | POSSESSION LIMIT: 1 | OCT. 19, 2021 – DEC. 1, 2021

Idaho’s swan controlled hunt season is limited to hunting ONLY in the following Northern Idaho counties: Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, and Kootenai.

Controlled Hunt Information

Eligibility: Holders of valid hunting licenses are eligible to apply for controlled hunts subject to the following restrictions:

• Holders of a Nongame Hunting License, Hunting Passport, or a Three-Day Nonresident Small Game

License may not apply for any controlled hunt.

Application Dates, Group Application, & Fees:

  • Fall 2021 hunt application period: August 5-15. Results available prior to August 25.

    Applications may be submitted electronically at any Fish and Game license vendor, by telephone (1-800-554-8685), or on the Fish and Game website. Applications must comply with the following requirements:

  • Only one application per person or group will be accepted. No more than two individuals may apply on a group application. Additional applications will result in all applications being declared ineligible. For example, if John Smith submits a controlled hunt application for swan, and then Bob Smith submits a group application for himself and John Smith, both applications for John will be declared ineligible as well as Bob’s application.
  • Each applicant for controlled hunts must submit a $6.25 ($18.00 for nonresidents) nonrefundable application fee with their application.
  • During the application period, Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards may be used to make telephone applications or online through license. Those using the credit card system will pay a processing fee (Phone: three percent plus $5.50; Online: three percent plus $3.50) in addition to the nonrefundable application fee. To apply by credit card, dial 1-800-554-8685 or use the

    Swan Tag Fee: Resident is $22.75 and Nonresident is $74.25

    Refunds Of Controlled Hunt Fee: Hunting license fees will not be refunded to unsuccessful applicants. Application fees for controlled hunts are not refundable.

    Notification: It is the applicant’s responsibility to find out if they were successful in the controlled hunt drawing. All applicants will receive an email with their draw results if there’s a valid email in their license profile. Results will be available by August 25 at

    Nonresident Permit Limitations: No more than 10 percent of controlled hunt tags may be issued to nonresidents.

Tag Designation to Child or Grandchild: A holder of a controlled hunt tag for swans may designate that tag to the holder’s child or grandchild (under the age of 18) who is otherwise qualified to participate in the hunt. The child or grandchild may be designated only one controlled hunt tag for swans per calendar year. The designation must be made before the opening date of the hunt. Resident adults can only designate tags to resident youth; nonresident adults can only designate tags to nonresident youth. For more information and a form to designate the tag, please contact your nearest Fish and Game office or visit the licensing section of Fish and Game’s website.

Daily Bag Limit: 1 swan

Mandatory Check and Report – any hunter killing a swan must, within three (3) days of the date of kill, present the swan carcass (for measurement and identification) to a conservation officer, regional office or check station, and complete the relevant harvest report. A person may authorize another person to perform the check and report if that person possesses sufficient information to complete the report.

  • Swan Tag – REQUIRED
  • Migratory Bird (HIP) Permit - REQUIRED
  • Federal Migratory Bird (Duck) Stamp – REQUIRED
  • Shotgun capable of carrying no more than 3 shells – REQUIRED
  • Nontoxic Shot – REQUIRED

Fall 2021 Controlled Hunts – Swans




Hunt Area








Oct. 19 –

Dec. 1

Hunt Area includes

Benewah, Bonner,

Boundary and

Kootenai counties only