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The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program

The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP) is a part of the Georgia Department of Driver Services. GMSP’s purpose is to improve the safety of motorcyclists on Georgia’s streets and highways. In addition to offering rider education training, licensing improvement, and public information, GMSP promotes motorist awareness programs, share the road campaigns, and is focused on highway safety issues. GMSP directly operates training sites throughout Georgia.

For information about the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program
visit dds.georgia.gov/motorcycle-safety-program or call (678) 413-8400.

Training Sites

  • Albany
  • Between
  • Brunswick
  • Clarkesville
  • Columbus
  • Dalton
  • Hinesville
  • Lawrenceville
  • Lithonia
  • Locust Grove
  • Marietta
  • Perry
  • Thomson
  • Valdosta

Check dds.georgia.gov for new training sites added after publication.