Commissioner’s Message

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Georgia’s wildlife and our hunting and fishing communities are second to none. Each year, through this publication, I proudly get to connect with our state’s sportsmen and sportswomen. I have the chance to share hunting and fishing stories, highlight our wonderful natural resources, and talk about the work we are doing to protect and enhance Georgia’s wildlife for you and future generations.

Without a doubt, I am so proud of the hardworking team members at our Wildlife Resources Division and their unwavering commitment to improving the harvesting process for our sportsmen and sportswomen over the years past and for years to come.

At a time when the world is battling an invisible enemy with new safety strategies unheard of even a year or two ago, DNR Game Check made it safe, easy, and efficient for us to monitor the huge increase in turkey harvesting last season. This year, we will be using Game Check to report harvest of alligators as well. This system is a game changer, allowing us to effectively and efficiently track harvest numbers in real time for the first time. We have successfully transitioned our state from in-person harvest reporting to reporting from anywhere using a mobile device. Hand in hand the Wildlife Resources and Law Enforcement Divisions have worked diligently to advance DNR’s mission to conserve Georgia’s diverse wildlife populations and provide quality outdoor recreation. This year, we look forward to seeing improvements in customer service and expanded data collection, stemming from regional consolidation and alignment efforts. These actions will make our state safer for our citizens and visitors who enjoy all that Georgia’s wildlife and outdoors have to offer.

Georgia’s sportsmen and sportswomen are a community focused on appreciating and conserving our state’s natural resources for all generations of hunters and anglers. We are the original conservationists. Hunters, anglers, and shooters spend more time, more money, and more effort on wildlife conservation than any other group in society. Your wildlife conservation efforts make you a great partner in the vision and mission of this agency. Your contribution through the purchase of licenses and sporting supplies is dedicated to sporting development and wildlife conservation, and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for continuing to support DNR and our team members as we continue our wildlife and conservation efforts here in Georgia. I encourage each of you to take advantage of the great natural diversity our state offers—and maybe even bring a son, a granddaughter, a friend, or a neighbor along with you. Good hunting in the year ahead!

Mark Williams
Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources