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Commissioner's Message

Georgia Wildlife Commissioner

For as long as I can remember, hunting has played an important role in my life. My childhood growing up in the Georgia backwoods has shaped me and made me the person I am today. A hunting trip has always provided me with more than I could have ever imagined—it’s provided an opportunity to to bond with friends new and old, to teach and preserve the hunting heritage, to unwind in the beauty of nature, and to put meat on the table.

As one of Georgia’s half a million resident hunters, you play a significant role in supporting Georgia’s conservation efforts. Each time you purchase a license, 100% of these funds are reinvested to support programming, education, law enforcement, conservation, and more. These funds are essential to ensure our children and their children can enjoy the same hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities we do today. Thank you for being as passionate about Georgia’s hunting opportunities and wildlife resources as I am.

With recent discoveries of chronic wasting disease in several of our neighboring states and a declining turkey population, adhering to Georgia’s hunting regulations is as important as ever. Without your dedication to protecting these resources, it would be impossible to ensure they remain plentiful and accessible for all people for decades to come.

I look forward to continuing to pass down my love for the outdoors to my grandchildren, as I have with my daughters. I have begun teaching archery to my grandchildren in our backyard, and I can not wait to get them in a tree stand with me. It’s our collective responsibility to be good stewards of our resources to preserve priceless experiences like these for the next generation.

Doing your part is as easy as it is important—have fun and take someone new hunting this year.

Mark Williams
Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources