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Welcome to 2022-23 Florida Hunting

Florida Hunting Regulations Cover

What's New

Major regulation and rule changes for this season are listed below. There are many other changes not listed here. Hunters are responsible for learning requirements and regulations pertaining to the types of hunting they pursue.

  • New public hunting area: Tate’s Hell Wildlife Management Area (WMA), St. James Island Unit (8,182 acres) in Franklin County will provide additional deer, wild turkey, and small game public hunting opportunities.
  • All hunters must report all harvested wild turkey to a telephone or internet-based harvest reporting system within 24 hours of harvest and use a harvest log to record harvest prior to moving the wild turkey from the point of harvest. See page 18 for details.
  • Beginning July 1, 2022, all dogs not under physical restraint used for pursuing deer, wild hog, fox or coyote must have collars equipped with devices that allow for behavior correction and remote tracking (GPS or telemetry).