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Welcome to 2021-22 Florida Hunting

What's New

Major regulation and rule changes for this season are listed below. There are many other changes not listed here. Hunters are responsible for learning requirements and regulations pertaining to the types of hunting they pursue.

  • Two new public hunting areas established: Orange Hammock WMA (~5,770 acres) in Sarasota County and the Everglades Headwaters Wildlife Management Area, Kissimmee Bend Unit (~5,305 acres) in Okeechobee County, both of which will provide deer, turkey, and small game hunting opportunities in counties that currently have no public hunting options.
  • No person may bring into Florida or possess whole carcasses or high-risk carcass parts of any species of the family Cervidae (deer, elk, moose, caribou) originating from anywhere outside of Florida. Visit for more information about these requirements.
  • Beginning July 1, 2021, all dogs not under physical restraint that are used for pursuing deer, wild hog, fox or coyote must have collars equipped and monitored with devices that allow remote tracking (GPS or telemetry). On July 1, 2022, an additional corrective device will also be required on the collars of such hunting dogs.