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Freshwater Fishing

Welcome to 2021-22 Florida Freshwater Fishing

By Chairman Rodney Barreto
Freshwater fishing in the Sunshine State continues to thrive during these unprecedented times. As we continue to navigate a new normal, we encourage Floridians to continue to enjoy all the opportunities the Fishing Capital of the World has to offer. You don’t need a boat to reel in a Big Catch and enjoy Florida’s spectacular natural resources. Try fishing from a pier, lakeshore or riverbank where you could hook some amazing fish. From largemouth bass to black crappie, Florida lakes and rivers are home to a huge variety of freshwater fish. Freshwater fishing in Florida boosts the economy with annual total expenditures of $5 billion and is ranked No. 1 in the country with 4 million anglers. Florida's role as the top fishing destination for travelers is overwhelming with 2 million nonresident anglers visiting the state with the ripple effect of these dollars creating an $8.7 billion economic impact from Florida's recreational fisheries that supports over 80,000 jobs.* Interested in getting back into fishing or want to take advantage of the numerous freshwater fishing opportunities available to residents and visitors alike, including two separate license-free freshwater fishing weekends? Each year on the first consecutive Saturday and Sunday in April and the second consecutive Saturday and Sunday in June the FWC offers License-free Fishing Days. On these days, the freshwater fishing license requirement is waived for all recreational anglers, including residents and nonresidents. All bag limits, closed areas and size restrictions apply on these dates. TrophyCatch is the FWC’s premier largemouth bass citizen science conservation program that rewards anglers who provide documentation of largemouth bass caught and released in Florida that weigh at least 8 pounds or heavier. Participating anglers win prizes, such as gift cards, and rods and reels, while one lucky winner each season wins a bass boat. The FWC is committed to encouraging anglers to participate in the conservation of Florida’s trophy bass fishery to ensure Florida remains a state full of fishing opportunities. The FWC conserves freshwater resources through innovative management techniques to sustain healthy fish and wildlife populations, promote stakeholder trust, increase appreciation of Florida’s freshwater ecosystems, and continue to provide anglers with more access and opportunities to freshwater fishing. Enhancing access and opportunities to Florida anglers will ensure that the Sunshine State continues to be the Fishing Capital of the World. Whether you choose to fish from shore, wade, paddle or motor out on one of our peaceful lakes or rivers, get out there and enjoy an unforgettable freshwater fishing experience. For more info on freshwater fishing in Florida, go to *

Freshwater Rule Changes

There are no new freshwater regulation changes for 2021-2022. For the latest rules, always visit FWC rules are in chapter 68.