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Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing

Stone Crab

Stone Crab Regulation Update

At the October 2023 commission meeting, FWC approved changes to stone crab regulations. For the 2024–25 stone crab season and future seasons, an unobstructed escape ring 2-3/16 inches in diameter located in a vertical exterior trap wall is required in all recreational and commercial plastic or wood stone crab traps. The location of an escape ring in a trap is a new requirement. An escape ring installed on the lid or bottom of the trap will no longer meet the requirements of this rule. An escape ring installed along a vertical exterior trap wall allows undersized crabs and other bycatch to escape and makes harvesters more efficient when sorting through their catch. As a reminder, these are regulations for recreational stone crab harvest:

  • Only claws may be harvested
  • Minimum claw size: 2-7/8 inches
  • Open season: Oct. 15 – May 1
  • Harvest of egg-bearing females prohibited
  • Bag limit: 1 gallon
  • Vessel limit: 2 gallons
  • Trap requirements:
    • Recreational stone crab trap registration
    • Permanently affixed registration number, name and address on each trap
    • Maximum of five traps
    • Unobstructed escape ring 2-3/16 inches in diameter on a vertical exterior trap wall of a wood or plastic trap

For a complete list of the license requirements, buoy and vessel marking requirements, and additional trap specifications, please visit