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Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing

Angler Recognition Programs

Celebrating 14,000 caught, documented and released bass including 135 Hall of Fame wins of bass weighing over 13 lbs.

TrophyCatch Anglers ARE Citizen-Scientists!

It all centers around fishing. But the hard part is remembering to take the right photo or video documenting your 8+ lbs. catch on a scale, release the bass and share your catch story at TrophyCatch anglers provide this extremely valuable data that influences FWC research projects such as genetic studies, the ecological health of Florida's fresh waterbodies, and the proper way to handle a trophy-sized bass for minimal stress.

This program’s data assists with the FWC's freshwater black bass regulation changes and it will continue to play a key role in management decisions for Florida's fresh waterbodies. More details can be found at

TrophyCatch Goals:

  • Turn TrophyCatch anglers into Citizen-Scientists who are focused on trophy bass to help FWC better enhance, conserve, and promote trophy bass fishing.
  • Encourage catch-and-release of the biggest, oldest, most valuable bass.
  • Promote Florida’s freshwater fishing by collaborating with anglers, fishing-related businesses and local communities.

Be “in the KNOW”:

See who’s catching the largest bass, learn more about Florida waters and what companies support this program! Simply sign up for program only emails at, and “Like” or “Follow” us on Facebook and YouTube/TrophyCatchFlorida for the latest catches and partner information.

Big Catch

Celebrates anglers who land memorable-sized catches of 33 different freshwater species! Flip to Freshwater Fish of Florida to find out more about our Big Catch program and how to become an Elite Angler.

State Record

There are important details to know if you catch a possible Florida state record. Call the nearest FWC Regional Office to report a record. Learn more at

How to submit your 8 lbs. or larger bass: