Hunter Education Through Digital DNREC

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What is “Digital DNREC”?

Digital DNREC is our new one-stop online portal for hunters, trappers, anglers and wildlife area users, including Hunter Education.

Digital DNREC’s Hunter Education section allows users to browse and register for upcoming courses as well as view and print their Hunter Education Certificate. Signing up for courses is easy and fast. To get started:

  • Next, select the “Courses “ tab.

  • Click on “Sign-up for Courses.”

  • Select whether you are signing up for the primary account holder or for a dependent.
  • In the “Choose Your Program “ box, select “Hunter Education Courses” from the drop down menu and click next.
  • Under Course Type, select the course you would like to take using the drop down menu.
  • After you have selected the course, please review the course description and any prerequisites and then click “Next”.

IMPORTANT: Please read all of the requirements and the disclaimer for the course you have selected.

  • Select the date, time and location of the class you would like to attend then click on next.
  • If you took a course online and are taking the second part of the course in person, you will need to upload your certificate of completion from the online course.
  • Upload your Liability Waiver (if Required).

IMPORTANT: Delaware state law requires all basic hunter education students to participate in a live firing experience with a trained firearms instructor in order to successfully complete the course. State insurance rules require all participants in any course which includes live firing to sign a Release From Liability Waiver before taking part in live firing.

  • Review your selection and click on confirm.
  • Log in to view “My Dashboard” under the “Courses” tab and view the status of the course you selected.

You will receive a reminder e-mail before the scheduled course.

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to attend the course you selected:

  • Go to the courses page.
  • View the course that is pending in your profile and click on the “Options” tab.
  • Click on “Withdraw” and you are withdrawn from the course.

If you would like to sign up for a new course that is being offered, please repeat the steps you originally followed to sign up for a new course.

How to View/Print your Hunter Education Certificate and Hunter Safety Number (HSN):

You will be notified by e-mail of the status (grade) of the course you completed. To view or print your certificate:

  • Sign in to Digital DNREC.
  • Click on the courses tab.
  • Click on the “View Hunter Education Certificate” tab.
  • Select the profile you would like to view/print the certificate for and the certificate will appear.